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Hickory Chair Glass Display Case


This Hickory Chair Open Display cabinet has been hanging around our showroom for a few months now. uimg 3080It is one of the nicer pieces that we have to offer and it is located in our Furniture Consignment Gallery located in Hanover, MA. This display case features an etched glass with a frosted inlay on the mirrored back along with half inch shaved glass shelves. The glass combined with carved woodwork makes this the perfect transitional piece. It is not over the top contemporary and not too rich with traditional features. Adding this beautiful piece to any room in your home will alter the dynamic of the setting. The mirrored back allows for several decorating options. The adjustable shelving makes it easy to arrange precious items appropriately within the confines of the piece. The cabinet is a medium size and will ad a flare to your room that you would not expect.

uimg 3083

This could be the piece that you are looking for to take a bland room to a whole new level. This is a fantastic value at $1,899. You can find great game changing piece like this Hickory Chair cabinet in our Chestnut Hill Furniture Consignment Showroom or in our our Showroom in Hanover, MA.






Henredon China Cabinet is a Deal


This walnut Henredon china cabinet is our Deal

uimg 7442

of the Week.

This cabinet is an elegant beauty as it has very nice contrasting wood grains. Constructed with mostly walnut veneers, a nice inlay bands around the edges of the doors. The wood panels on the doors on the bottom section raise out and provide a high end look to the cabinet.

 The glass doors with the arched tops and bottom  make the cabinet traditional and authentic. This Henredon china cabinet would be great in a dining room, but could also go well in a foyer, living room or entry way.

uimg 7444

At the price of $1,175 this cabinet would look good about anywhere!

You can find beautiful furniture and great prices at our Furniture Consignment Gallery stores located in Hanover, MA and in Newton, MA.






Royal Furniture Crotch Mahogany Cabinet - Deal of the Week


Not only is this Crotch Mahogany Display Cabinet by Royal Furnitureour deal of the the week, but it is also one of our favorite pieces on our showroom floor. The distinct book matched veneer of the crotch mahogany has been sliced from the same piece of wood making the crotch wood grain match across the doors.  The book matched veneer is outlined by a Rosewood banded inlay which borders the cabinet doors as well as the drawer below. This piece is a great deal at $810!  In New York City this piece would sell for thousands of dollars. Different from our giant Piece of the Week, this cabinet is more suitable for a studio apartment or a city condo where storage is necessary, but only smaller pieces can be accommodated. This piece has adjustable shelving to hold books, china or anything else that you will need to store. This cabinet is number 48-2118 in our inventory.



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This week's Furniture Spotlight Deal of the Week is a 1920s Royal Furniture Crotch Mahogany Cabinet.

Century Amaretto Country House China Cabinet - Piece of the Week


This week we shine our Furniture Spotlight on two Century Amaretto, Country House China Cabinets with arched tops.  They are positioned separately in the stairway landings in our showroom because that is the only area where we can accommodate the height of these pieces. These Century Cabinets are 94" tall. They would look amazing if you have high ceilings with crown moldings and a enough room in your dining area for both of them!  They have squiggled glass doors, a smoked mirrored back and are distressed throughout to appear as if they are well aged antiques.  Century Furniture's progressive design work succeeded in taking a modern style and combining it with intentional distress marks to produce a piece with character.  The consignor paid $7,500 each for these pieces and we are selling them for $2,900 each.  At Furniture Consignment Gallery, you can purchase these two cabinets for less than the price of one; if you bought them new.  These cabinets are numbers 214-4 and 214-3 in our inventory.



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Furniture Spotlight: Henredon Curio Cabinet


This week Furniture Consignment Gallery in Hanover, MA features this Henredon Curio Cabinet as our Furniture Spotlight Deal of the Week. This is item number 1790-7 in our inventory.  This cabinet was originally coupled with two other pieces - one on each side. We had a customer come in immediately and purchase the two end pieces. This is the center piece, but as a stand alone piecee it makes quite statement. Henredon has always been known for its edginess and commitment to pushing the limits of furniture design and this piece is no exception. The rounded glass door combined with the oak wood and sharp finish, makes this piece a true winner. According to Henredon's Latest blog Supporting Players, this is a "jewelery Piece" that can take the spotlight. That is why this Henredon Curio cabinet won the spotlight and is our Deal of The Week. We are offering this piece at $1,250, originally priced at $1,999.

Hickory Chair China Cabinet in the Spotlight


This Hickory Chair Company Mahogany China Cabinet demands this week's Deal of the Week Spotlight.  Hickory Chair has been manufacturing furniture for over 100 Years. The cabinet is item number 2060-1 on This beautiful china cabinet was manufactured sometime in the 1980's and has a nice satin inlay in the mahogany doors. As a result, it can blend in with lighter and darker woods in your dining room. It has glass shelves and is lighted.  This Hickory Chair hutch is in two pieces, a top and bottom, so it is easy to transport and move. It has nice hardware, dental teeth molding on the top, nice mahogany veneers and is a great deal at $480.00! In fact, you probably could not buy a new end table from Hickory Chair for under $480. We hope you will come see this piece this week in our Furniture Consignment Gallery Showroom located 20 miles south of Boston. 

Henkel Harris Fairfax Corner Cabinet steals the Spotlight

This week Furniture Consignment Gallery is featuring this Fairfax Corner Cabinet by Henkel Harris as the Piece of the Week. This is what we call a "WOW" piece.  The cabinet is item number 2152-1 in our inventory. This piece was too big for a small dining room in a Boston condo and the owner had tears in her eyes as it exited her home.  This is a beautiful piece made of solid cherry with Henkel Harris' special finish - not too glossy and not too flat. They do a wonderful job of blending and applying their finishThe Corner Cabinet was one of Henkel Harris' first pieces that the Henkel family manufactured. Their cherry finish is one of a kind and is one that many other furniture manufacturers try to emulate. It has solid brass hardware and is lighted on the sides. This piece has a lot of storage space and would work well in a dining room or a living room. It is selling in furniture Consignment's showroom for $2,999.00. We love to sellHenkel Harris furniture on consignment. Similar to Baker and Kindel, it is one of our favorite manufacturers.

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