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Councill Queen 4-Poster Bed Hits the Mark

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 This elegant 4 Poster bed by Councill Craftsman can blend with most decor. Today's furniture manufacturers have designed overwhelming 4 poster beds that create underwhelming results. As we know, less can be more and Councill has proved this point with their simple and slim solid mahogany, hand carved posters.

This design allows the eyes to absorb the whole room and not just a giant grouping of wood tree trunks. This bed allows you to showcase your bedding windows, walls and blends with other home accents and bedroom furniture.

This bed is number 348-255 in our inventory, is in excellent condition and at $1,350.00 it is selling for five times below it's retail cost. Don't miss this opportunity to own this finely crafted furniture for an excellent price. 

You can find wonderful furniture similar to this Councill Craftsman queen 4 poster bed at our Furniture Consignment Gallery in Hanover, MA and our newest Furniture Consignment Gallery in Newton, MA.

Councill Craftsman Mahogany Chest


Our "Piece of the Week" is a Councill Craftsman 4 drawer mahogany chest with a satin banded inlay.  It is item number 2211-5 in our inventory.  The inlay borders the drawers and is very pronounced on the top surface where the inlay is about 2 inches wide.  When we were in the residence where this piece came from, we saw it across the room and said, "that piece must be Councill!"  We knew that because the high sheen finish is unique to Councill.  They have the best finish and produce the best inlaid veneer work of all of the elite manufacturers.  We have priced this piece at $1,899 which sounds like a lot of money, but it is much less than purchasing it new and it would bring elegance and good decor to whichever room you choose to put it in.

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