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Summertime and Renting is Easy With Five Tips from FCG

Posted by Jay Frucci on Sat, April 22, 2017 @ 07: 00 AM


Since we’ve owned FCG, our stores have been the go-to place for savvy landlords with rental properties on the beach or in the mountains. Our three showrooms are full of furniture that’s built to last, season after season. We’ve learned a lot from landlords over the years, and we’d like to share their advice.


  1. Style matters. You may think beach access is your trump card, but renters shudder at shabby rugs and wobbly chairs. The key to success in a rental property is repeat business. So take the time to make your property stylish and comfortable. At FCG, we offer not only furniture but also fun accessories perfect for a beach cottage or lake home.
  2. A clean mattress is essential. Stained, lumpy mattresses are a major turnoff. You don’t need to provide lavish amenities like a four-star hotel, but a fresh mattress promises a good night’s sleep. At FCG, we offer a queen-sized Cambridge Plush mattress for $899. Smart landlords use one side for renters then flip it over for their own use, off-season. That’s twice the zzzz’s for your investment.
  3. Banish the saggy sofa – and don’t even think of buying a foam living room set from Bubba’s Warehouse. Bubba’s shoddy stuff won’t last the season, and slapping your renters with damage fees because the cheap fabric burst at the seams is no way to win repeat business. Consider a pre-owned sofa with an eight-way hand-tied frame at FCG. A well-made sofa will endure for seasons. At FCG, you’ll find a wide variety of sofas for under $1,000.
  4. Invest in a desk. Years ago, Moms and Dads actually took vacations, leaving work behind. Today, renters stay connected while they play, so they bring technology with them. A solid desk will allow them a place to put the laptop, so they can check on that project after spending precious time with the family.
  5. Get rid of chipped and broken furniture. At FCG, you’ll find maple, oak and cherry pieces so durable they could withstand the apocalypse. There are no sticky, cock-eyed drawers in our bedroom sets. Splash these pieces with a coat of chalk paint – which we also keep in stock – and you’ll have an updated beachy look.

Furnish your property well and keep your renters coming back year after year.