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Why Buy at FCG? Quality – and Bargains

Posted by Jay Frucci on Sat, January 07, 2017 @ 08: 22 AM


Right about now, some newlywed couple somewhere is staring in horror at the lumps in the microfiber couch they bought after the wedding last spring. How do I know this?

Because I know how mass-market furniture is made.    

Armed with market research, furniture companies know exactly how much the average consumer will spend on new furniture. Sectionals go for $1,500, dining sets $2,000 and a bedroom dresser is $499.

Hitting those price points is a challenge for manufacturers. That's why the sofa's wooden frame is hastily pasted with a poor-quality glue. That's why the fabric is thin and badly stitched. That's why the finish on the dining room table is uneven.

And that's why the big furniture retailers are so eager to sell you extended warranties. Tearful newlyweds complaining about broken furniture are such a downer in the showroom. 

At FCG, we have a different philosophy. Our focus is on fine furniture, the kind that's built to last. This is furniture made by experienced craftsmen who use only the best fabric, wood, trims, stains and finishes. They pay attention to details such as the stitching of a pillow. They use top-grain woods with rare and distinct natural patterns.

Making fine furniture is exacting and time-consuming. It requires passion. And that care and quality is reflected in the price.

Not every room requires fine furniture. I get that. Sometimes, an inexpensive but functional piece fits the bill. "We bought a cabinet for the laundry room at Target for $300," a shopper told me. "Yeah, it's wobbly. I don't care."

But once you've outgrown the shabby years of starting out, you won't want wobbly in the rooms you actually live in. You won't want family dinners on wobbly. Your Super Bowl guests won't be comfortable with lumpy, ripped or broken furniture. 

So stop by one of our three showrooms, and we'll give you a lesson in why you should start investing in some pieces of fine furniture for your home. Best of all, at FCG, you'll pay a fraction of what that fine furniture would have cost new. You'll get a bargain – and a piece of furniture that will last a lifetime.