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Lessons Learned Over Twelve Years

Posted by Jay Frucci on Sat, February 25, 2017 @ 09: 19 AM



"Remember me?" he asked. "Ten years ago you helped me sell the furniture from my house in Newton. Back then, you were just a kid starting out!"

Yes, I remember him well, and I'm wincing at the memory. In 2007, FCG was a fledgling business. Moving furniture was a skill we were still learning.  We didn't know how to wrap, tape or pack. His stuff was a major challenge.

Back then, he was living on the top floor of an apartment building with an elevator. Lugging every piece out of the apartment was a finger-pinching and shin-bruising operation. We were mopping rivulets of sweat by the time we wrestled the furniture into the elevator.

Even after we managed to everything to the basement of the building, we had to figure out how to load the truck. Think of a Rubik's Cube – with every block weighing 75 to 100 pounds.

Thankfully, we made it back to the store without a nick or scratch on any of his furniture. It sold quickly and for more than he'd hoped. Now, ten years later, he has more to sell and he's back at FCG.

He's changed – and so have we. His taste shifted from traditional to high-end contemporary. At our store in Natick, we are selling his Arketipo sectional, a Mateo Grassi cocktail table, Geiger Herman Miller I-beam end tables, and a Dona cabinet.

Meanwhile, we've polished our skills. Among other things, we've also added professional movers to the roster. Now, we fill our trucks without any blood, sweat or tears.

Repeat customers are a prized asset in business. They indicate a bond of trust. We value our relationships with all our customers – consignors and shoppers – and we've made it our goal to serve you well this time and every time.