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A New, Isolated Tribe? Yes, Shoppers Who’ve Never Tried Consignment

Posted by Jay Frucci on Sat, March 02, 2019 @ 11: 37 AM


Attention, anthropologists. Cancel that trip to Papua New Guinea. You don’t need to go to strange and uncharted lands to find an undiscovered tribe. I’ve just identified one here in our showroom in Natick, MA. 

Homo consignment newbie-us. 

Earlier this week, I was in our dining section when I spotted the species. However, they are quite shy, typically avoiding notice by moving stealthily and avoiding our sales staff. 

In any case, I could see the pair had discovered an attractive dining set. Like a dog sniffing a bee, they were in turn curious, confused and cautious. Together, they would approach the set. The male would tilt his head and squint at the wide cherry wood grain approvingly, then leap backwards as if the table was on fire. 

Then, the female would gingerly touch the gleaming finish, nod at her mate, and step away. After a while, the two found the price tag, which they studied intensely, whispering to each other. 

I watched their scouting expedition for a few minutes, then I felt compelled to interact with them. “That set is a terrific deal,” I called out from a safe distance. They were startled at first. But after a few minutes, and more whispering, they apparently decided there was nothing to fear. 

“It’s our first time in your store,” the woman confided. “Honestly,” she added, “I never expected to see such beautiful furniture.” Her hand grazed the back of a chair softly. “This set would be perfect in our home,” she added, glancing shyly at her husband. 

FCG has been in business for almost three decades and yet there are still lots of shoppers who are unfamiliar with the concept of consignment. We can spot them instantly. First, there’s curiosity, then fascination, then addiction. 

There’s also heartbreak. I explained consignment to the newbies, gently underscoring an important idea: FCG is a treasure hunt. Walk away from a delightful find and there’s a possibility another buyer will scoop it up quickly. 

“We need some time to think about this,” the husband blustered, as he nudged his wife out of the store. Within an hour, the set had sold. 

I thought of the newbies as I rang up the sale. They’ll be back this weekend, and they’ll be crushed to find the set gone. But I’m quite confident they’ll have learned their lesson. They won’t hesitate to buy the next dining set with which they fall in love. Welcome, newbies, to FCG.