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Attack of the Killer Robo-Survey and Other Nightmares of Our Times

Posted by Jay Frucci on Fri, May 03, 2019 @ 07: 39 PM


I was looking over my credit-card bill when I noticed a small charge that seemed odd. Inwardly, I groaned. Was it really worth the time to call the company and haggle over such a small amount? Could I endure another cheerful but inept customer-service rep? 

I gritted my teeth and dialed the phone. 

Before I’d even gotten connected to a real person, the automated system was asking me if I’d take a survey after my call. “Dial 1 if you wish to participate,” the voice said encouragingly. I did not press 1. It seemed a little overeager. Kind of like asking your date how things were going even before pulling out of her driveway.

As it turned out, the charge was odd. I lost 15 minutes fixing it. Finally, issue resolved, I hung up – only to have the phone ring, insistently. “Thank you for calling Company ABC. We want your feedback. Please take our survey.” 

“No!” I fumed. “I already told you to leave me alone.” Moments later, a text popped up, pleading with me to take the survey. Then, I noticed a neat stack of messages piling up in my email, each one trying to nudge me back to the survey. 

All morning, I fended off the company’s survey-seeking darts, growing more irritated by the moment. Finally, after a couple of hours, the electronic thrust and parry subsided. Then, unbelievably, it started up again a week later: “This is our second attempt to reach you.” The tone was sober, maybe even a little threatening, like a bill collector.


As the owner of FCG, I care very much whether you are satisfied with your purchase or your consignment sales. We answer the phone politely when you call our stores. We do our best to answer your questions efficiently and accurately. That’s our job.

We know we’re not perfect, but we figure you’ll let us know if we’re out of line or if we made a mistake. We’ll do our best to fix it. If we did an exceptional job, review us on Google or like us on Instagram. But take my word for it. You won’t get any survey requests from FCG. Haven’t we all had enough robo-calls in our lives?