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Boomerang Kids Come Home Again – To Stylish New Digs Thanks to FCG

Posted by Jay Frucci on Sat, February 13, 2021 @ 07: 52 AM


Diana, my wife, got a call this week from a friend who asked for advice on how to reclaim what she called the “kid tribute room.” That’s the empty bedroom left behind when your child grows up and moves out, the little shrine to their childhood with the unicorn bedspread or the spaceship wallpaper.

Re-designing our kids’ bedrooms is a rite of passage for parents who have successfully shuffled their kids out the door for good. Seriously, aren’t you tiring of dusting those swimming trophies and Little Ponies? Wouldn’t you love a yoga room, a home office, a guest room, a crafting center or a gift-wrap station?

Diana, an interior designer, has guided many of our customers through the process of repurposing their children’s old rooms.  And, thanks to our vast inventory of consignment furniture, many of our customers have been able to create their dream spaces on a shoestring budget.

These days, our customers are thinking more broadly about how to use those children’s bedrooms. A single-purpose room for yoga? That seems a little indulgent in the midst of a pandemic. Because of Covid, lots of families have welcomed adult children and grandchildren back into the nest.

Work-from-home is allowing families a lot more freedom in where they pursue their careers. So it isn’t unusual for adult children, with babies in tow, to move in to the big family home for a month or two because day care is deemed too dangerous in a pandemic.

Millions of college students also have left dorms for home because of the pandemic. They may be boarding with mom and dad for quite a while. According to the Wall Street Journal, the Class of 2021 will face the worst job market in decades.

Do you really want to dig into the attic for those old worn sheets featuring Battle Star Galactica or Unicorn Rainbow? No, of course not! You don’t want to encourage your boomerang children to start acting like ten-year-olds again. You probably need to buy some stuff.

Your children, grandchildren, heck, even your parents may be living with you for some time to come. Furniture Consignment Gallery has an extraordinary variety of high-quality furniture at bargain prices. So stop by one of our three stores. Talk to Diana, whose skills at creating cozy, stylish spaces is second to none. When your family shows up at your door with their giant duffle bags, you’ll be able to welcome them in knowing they won’t be sentenced to sleep under a torn Megadeath poster.