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Homebuying Frenzy Hits and High-Quality Furniture is Hard to Find - Except at FCG

Posted by Jay Frucci on Sat, March 06, 2021 @ 07: 54 AM


Here’s an alarming sign of the times: a home in a Boston suburb was listed for sale, and within 24 hours, it had garnered 3,400 views online. That’s 283 views of the house every hour around the clock for a full day! Or almost five views every minute.

Covid has rattled our world in ways unimaginable. City living was trendy until lockdowns caused cabin-fever. Now, everyone wants a yard, a garden, a patio and a pool. Suburban homes are suddenly hotter than firecrackers in July.   

So is furniture. After all, new homeowners want to feather their new nests especially if there’s a possibility of more quarantines. Problem is, the pandemic snarled the supply chain causing long waits for furniture. What’s a new home without a couch for movie night? What’s a new dining room without a table or chairs?

Fortunately, Furniture Consignment Gallery offers the rare exception to this frantic and frustrating situation. We’ve spent the week bringing truckloads of high-quality furniture into our three showrooms in Natick, Hanover and Plymouth. We are proud to carry nothing less than the finest pre-owned furniture in New England. 

Check out the two Arhaus Remington two-cushion sofas at our store in Natick. Their owner paid $4,500 for each sofa, but they didn’t quite fit her design aesthetic. We’ve priced each sofa at $2,499 and, even better, they’re available for immediate delivery.

If that doesn’t entice you into the store, we just marked down over 100 items in Natick to make way for next week’s expected arrivals. In Hanover and Plymouth, we’ve got even more furniture bargains from the basics to the extraordinary. Visit us this weekend!