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FCG Comes to the Rescue as a Foam Shortage Rocks the New Furniture Industry

Posted by Jay Frucci on Sat, April 17, 2021 @ 08: 09 AM


There’s a new crisis in the world of furniture, and it’s all about foam. Or, rather, the sudden shortage of foam.

It’s a situation with complex roots. Texas and Louisiana are the epicenters of the foam industry. That’s where the nation’s largest foam manufacturers – and the necessary raw materials – are located. Both states were shut down a month ago with severe winter weather.

The result: a knock-out punch for the furniture and bedding industry, which was already reeling from supply chain problems caused by Covid.

The repercussions are rippling through the furniture industry at the worst possible time. Home sales are booming and new homebuyers are understandably eager to feather their nests. They might have to make do with make shift furniture until 2022.

Wait times for new furniture have in recent weeks have stretched as far as seven to ten months. Prices are rising rapidly. Some furniture companies have stopped taking orders altogether until their backlog lessens.

Furniture Consignment Gallery is well-stocked and ready to help.

Last week, we met with panicked representatives of a property investment company that needed to furnish a multi-unit rental complex on Cape Cod. They’d just gotten word that the new furniture they’d ordered wouldn’t arrive until Labor Day. They were grateful to find a vast inventory of high-quality furniture available immediately at FCG.

Thanks to our robust pipeline of consignment furniture, their rental units will be fully stocked and furnished when beach season arrives.

If you’re worried you won’t have a sofa for your 4th of July celebration, don’t fret. Make a visit to FCG a high priority this weekend. You’ll find furniture in every style and color – and you might just decide to cancel that order for the new stuff. Your Summer starts now. You don't have to wait until Columbus Day to get comfortable in your home.