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Creative Table Tops and Bar Carts on Oct. 4: An Event to Help the Homeless

Posted by Jay Frucci on Mon, October 01, 2018 @ 10: 18 AM



What’s for dinner? 

That’s a question that resonates with all of us. When I think about my most memorable meals, I think of my late grandmother. Even now, memories of her eggplant parmesan make my mouth water. Her braciole di manza, tender beef rolls filled with a savory stuffing and braised in a homemade tomato sauce? That dish should have been declared a national treasure. 

Not everyone is as fortunate. Some don’t have any answer for the question “what’s for dinner?” Despite our roaring economy, there are many who go hungry in our towns and cities. They, too, have memories but those won’t fill an empty stomach tonight. 

On Thursday, Oct. 4th, Boston’s design community is coming together to create an event that will help to alleviate homelessness and hunger in Boston. Heading Home to Dinner is the second annual event by the local design community to raise funds for those in need. Sponsors include the Boston Design Center, New England Home magazine, and other local design firms.

Those attending will enjoy a great meal on dining tables featuring spectacular tablescapes while sipping drinks from themed bar carts. Boston’s top interior designers are hard at work now creating those extraordinarily themes. 

My wife, Diana, co-owner of FCG and an ASID designer, was asked to design a bar cart. Her cart will feature that most classic of American cocktails, the Old Fashioned, with its main ingredient, of course, Kentucky bourbon. Diana chose this theme to honor her memories of dinnertime growing up in Louisville. Those memories are filled with clinking glasses, warm laughter, good manners and social graces. 

Looking for a hint of her bar cart design? The style will be Art Deco. Diana has chosen a palette of deep greens, blues and golds – the colors of peacock feathers, which were popular in women’s fashions in the Roaring Twenties. Follow Diana as she offers a glimpse into her design on Instagram: Furnitureconsignmentgalleryma

Last year, Heading Home to Dinner raised over $100,000. We’re hoping for even more this year. Join us to support a good cause. For more information on Heading Home to Dinner or to buy tickets, visit the event website: