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Furniture Can Be Sleek, Modern and it Can Last

Posted by Jay Frucci on Sat, August 26, 2017 @ 08: 25 AM



"I love Ikea," my college buddy confessed. "It's cheap, functional furniture. And when you're done with it, you can toss it. No guilt! Disposable furniture means you never have to worry about your heirs fighting over it."

I gulped. For a guy who loves quality furniture, disposable furniture is a bizarre concept. Seriously, who wants furniture with the life span of a mosquito?

Okay, on second thought, there probably is a market for the stuff. Build it yoruself furniture is ideal for dorms, basement rec rooms, and shabby first apartments.

But there's one place you won't find any use it and lose it furniture, and that's at Furniture Consignment Gallery.   

Every week, we get calls and emails from folks who want to consign the wobbly bookcases, desks and foam couches they got a couple of years ago from the discount mart. Most are foreigner workers going home after completing their assignments, young doctors finishing their residencies or graduate students who have wrapped up their dissertations.

They all want to recoup a few bucks by selling their worn cardboard furniture to you. And to all of them, we say, "Thanks, but no thanks."

We're unapologetically picky about what we accept for consignment at FCG. The only furniture that you'll find in our showrooms are up-to-date, quality pieces from top manufacturers. And right now, we have some extraordinary items at bargain prices in our showrooms.

FCG's Natick store has a stylish Pompanoosuc Mills sleep sofa with a well-constructed frame and a quality sleep mattress for $1,299 or how about a sleek coffee table made in France by Roche Bobois for $859.99. Our Hanover store has a Baker French wriitng desk in good condition for only $699, a fraction of the original purchase price. And for your Student, we have desks from Vermont Tubbs, Pottery Barn, and solid maple Moosehead Furniture desks in Plymouth at discount prices.

For those who value exquisite craftsmanship, Hanover and Natick have gorgeous accent pieces by Theodore Alexander and Kindel Furniture. 

At FCG, we don't think you should have to build your own furniture. Your living room shouldn't be a particle-board Legoland. For a few dollars more, you can have beautiful quality furniture that you'll be proud to use for years to come. Check out our website or stop by our stores this weekend and see for yourself.