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Get Cozy on a New Leather Sectional From FCG

Posted by Jay Frucci on Sat, January 06, 2018 @ 08: 08 AM



Predictably, right after Christmas, the silver-haired flock of snowbirds blew out of town just ahead of the ferocious storm dubbed the "Bomb Cyclone." You could almost hear their glee as they headed for the Carolinas and Florida. 

Holiday feasts, rowdy grandchildren, the awkward interactions with sons- and daughters-in-law, not to mention the exhaustion of being polite with their families: it's fun but exhausting. The the snowbirds have had their fill. They're flapping their way south leaving the rest of us behind to clean up and tinker with a cantankerous blower. 

But here is the good news: the sun is shining!

Turn off the television. News stations are just trying to boost ratings by wringing every bit of drama out of the onset of winter. Try to remember this is a regular event, folks, and enjoy it. Look out the window. The snow is a gleaming white coverlet, softening and brightening a grey landscape. 

The economy is strong. Americans are back to work and your home is worth more this year than it was last year. (If you're hoping to join the migrating snowbirds next year, the soon-to-start spring real estate market should be a good one.)

The parking lots at all three of our stores are cleared. FCG's showrooms are open and full of of great values, especially leather. Check out all of the amazing options. There's an Ethan Allen sectional in perfect condition in Hanover?. You can save thousands on that piece alone. 

In fact, Hanover, Natick and Plymouth have an extraordinary assortment of comfortable leather chairs, sofas and love seats. You can look over the selection even without leaving home. Go to our website – – and type the word "leather" into the search bar at the top right of the home page. Then click the magnifying glass. Voila! All the leather pieces in every store will your screen. There are pages of leather furniture!

Then, after you've had your coffee, don your Arctic gear and head for FCG. You'll be glad you made the trip.