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Got Work? We Have Desks Galore at FCG

Posted by Jay Frucci on Sat, February 02, 2019 @ 03: 01 PM



With obvious pride, she swiped through a series of photos on her cell phone to show me the computer armoire she wanted to consign. Eight feet tall and gorgeously crafted in cherry, it was massive. If someone had ordered up a sarcophagus for Godzilla, this would have fit the bill. 

Twenty years ago, her armoire was an elegant solution. Like a Swiss Army knife, it ingeniously unfolded into a work station with a hinged drop-down table and shelving for the printer. It was designed for an era in which computers were bulky things with large monitors and big blinking towers.

Today, thanks to wifi and portable devices, the armoire is as unnecessary as Grandma’s hi-fi console from the 1960s. I hated to break the news to her, but I suspected she already knew. 

“I can’t sell your armoire,” I said. “It’s obsolete.” 

She took a moment to digest this nugget of info, then recovered quickly. “Can I just give it to you?” she asked. “I’ve got to get it out of the house. We’re selling – and the buyers don’t want it!”

She left disappointed that she couldn’t unload the armoire on FCG, but the incident got me thinking. Technology has changed dramatically in the last decade or so. So have our work habits. But most of us still need a dedicated place to tackle tasks like paying the bills or homework.

Here are some things to consider when you’re designing your workspace: 

Location: Technology allows us to work from almost anywhere. A kitchen island or a dining table can quickly morph into a workspace. It’s central and social. The downside: spaghetti sauce on the math worksheet or the bills. Maybe you do need a desk. 

Surface space: How much space do you need to get work done? Do you prefer to spread out your paperwork, laptop, calculator and phone? Or do you prefer a tidy little spot tucked in a corner? Do you need a large desk for multiple computer screens? Would you prefer a warm and rustic wood surface or a sleek glass surface? 
Storage: Do you need storage? Drawers are handy for the office supplies. What about files? If you do maintain files, you’ll likely want executive-style desk with file drawers or a credenza.

Style: Antique desks tug on some buyers’ hearts. They hint at stories of long-ago endeavors such as novels written or music composed. But contemporary desks with wood tops and chrome legs are also popular now. Their clean and simple lines seem to suggest clear thinking.

You can find most any type of desk to meet your needs at FCG. Well, that is you’ll find almost anything, with one exception: a giant computer armoire.