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Ho, Ho, Ho? Actually, Let's All Say No, No, No to Christmas in November!

Posted by Jay Frucci on Sat, November 11, 2017 @ 07: 21 AM



All my white undershirts had fallen victim to ring-around-the-collar. After dumping them in the rag bag, I needed to restock. So off I set for the local department store, armed with my usual coupon. I had high hopes of accomplishing this mundane task with speed and efficiency. 

My hopes were dashed – by Dasher, no less. I'd taken no more than two steps into the store when I was assaulted by the sight of twelve mangy-looking reindeer prancing around a gaudy North Pole. Giant red-glitter candy canes loomed over me at precarious angles. A forest of fake snowflakes dangled dangerously overhead. A hideous elf mannequin leered and pointed towards the jewelry display. 

"Let it snow," boomed through the speakers, "let it snow, let it snow." 

"Oh," the singer warbled, "the weather outside is frightful." Frightful? I'll tell you what's frightful. That's a faux North Pole when it's hot enough outside for a t-shirt and our kids haven't yet come down from the sugar high of Halloween. 

No one in the store was in the holiday spirit. No one was making their list and checking it twice. If anything, there was a general snarly irritation at the fake snow, reminding us of shoveling chores yet to come.

Today is Veterans Day, a day for honoring and remembering the men and women who served their country. There is time to call your grandfather who served in Vietnam, text your uncle who served in the Gulf War, salute the few remaining old-timers in town who served decades ago in World War II. This is their day. 

In the town of Hanover, MA, a beautiful new memorial to veterans is being unveiled with festivities and a parade. Go and show your respect for our armed forces. 

In accordance with Massachusetts' Blue Laws, our stores open at 1 p.m. We at FCG recognize the sacrifices of the many who fought to protect and preserve our freedoms. We will honor them this morning, and we'll get to work this afternoon. Then, as they say, we're on to Thanksgiving.