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In the Midst of Crisis, There’s a Renaissance on the Horizon

Posted by Jay Frucci on Fri, March 20, 2020 @ 06: 39 PM



After 1,000 years of plague, war and starvation, the Renaissance burst into bloom in Europe, dispelling the gloom of the Dark Ages. Starting in northern Italy, this new age brought a rebirth of art, music and scholarship. New ideas flourished, as did an appreciation of beauty, freedom and pleasure.

Every nation on earth faces a crisis now. In this time of fear and uncertainty, we are all reminded of the fragility of life. And, the irony is, we are newly aware of how much we need each other just as we are being warned to distance ourselves from others.

I’m convinced this pandemic will spark a rebirth of everything we treasure: devotion to family, community, nation and the world. We’ll see a burst of creativity in the arts. We are already witnessing extraordinary acts of courage and generosity. We understand, at the deepest level, what it means to sacrifice for the greater good.

And, incredibly, all of this happened in a week.

As a father, husband, son, brother, citizen and business owner, every day brings challenges. What is the right thing to do right now? Even simple decisions are no longer simple. Do we go to the grocery store because we’re craving pasta or do we eat last night’s leftovers?

Then there are the big decisions. Should we close our doors, temporarily, at FCG? Or do we serve our customers who now need desks because they’re working at home or a bed for someone who urgently needs to shelter with family?

For now, our doors are still open. We’re taking every measure to insure the safety of our staff and our customers. As this crisis unfolds, we’ll continue to update you about FCG. We’re all in this together.

*Cannot be combined with any other offer or promotion. Cannot be used on prior purchases. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Promotion ends Sunday March 22, 2020 at midnight.