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Is Your Home Suffering from Corona-Wear? Quality Home Furnishings are Immune

Posted by Jay Frucci on Fri, April 24, 2020 @ 04: 46 PM



If your home is anything like mine, this corona-cation is starting to take a heavy toll on the appliances and home furnishings.

Our first casualty was the coffee bean grinder. Now that we’re working from home, it’s been running three times its normal rate. It blew a fuse a couple of days ago. The second victim was the vacuum, RIP Hoover. It died on Tuesday. Outside, the thinning threads of the basketball net finally gave way under heavy use by our three boys.

Our kids are home, which means twelve hours of high activity. Our house – and everything in it – is taking a beating. The hinges on the refrigerator door need replacing. The door to the cereal cabinet is crooked. The dishwasher is groaning and the buttons of the tv clicker have no numbers. They’ve been rubbed off from constant use.

So much for reading the classics under quarantine …

Our home is suffering from heavy-duty corona-wear. Which makes me doubly glad that we invested in good quality furniture bargains for our home at FCG.

I grimace at the thought of the alternative. Right about now, families that made the mistake of buying discount furniture are reeling at the explosion of yellow foam from their cushions. The legs on those cheap sofas are snapping off all over Boston.

Now is the time to make a promise to yourself. When this lockdown is over, you’ll want to redecorate with stylish, high-quality bargains at FCG. Take a trip to one of our three stores. We’ll be thrilled to welcome you back to our exciting showrooms. And you’ll never find yourself stuffing yellow foam into a trash bag again.