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Kids at Camp? That’s Freedom for Mom and Dad

Posted by Jay Frucci on Sat, July 07, 2018 @ 12: 02 PM


Here’s the packing list for our sons’ summer camp: swimsuit, washable sleeping bag, socks and underwear, beach towel, soap, shampoo, flashlight, toothbrush and tooth paste, teddy bear, pajamas, sunscreen, and stamps.

Not on the list: cellphone. In fact, it’s forbidden at camp. 

Personally, I‘d be thrilled to take a break from my cellphone, which rings, beeps and vibrates pretty much non-stop. But my kids think this ban on cellphones is an outrageous social injustice. No texting? No Snapchats? They have serious doubts they’ll survive the week. 

Meanwhile, Diana and I are crafting our list for week our boys are away: a case of wine, a night on the town, a harbor cruise, a walk on the beach, a peaceful bike ride, a good book for uninterrupted reading on the front porch. It sounds blissful. 

Don’t get me wrong. We love our boys, but we also love the freedom of that once-a-year vacation from parenting that we get when they’re away at camp. And after that weeklong respite, we actually enjoy their high-testosterone antics again – at least for a while. 

Our kids and your kids are always welcome at Furniture Consignment Gallery. You’ll even find a bowl of lollipops in each of our three stores and, every now and then, some freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. So feel free to shop with the kids in tow. 

But if you, like us, have a kid-free week in your summer, have fun making your list of things to do while they’re away. And when the bottle of sunscreen runs dry, stop by one of our stores and wander around imagining the possibilities. A new dining table? A luxurious leather recliner? After all, when the kids are away, that’s when the adults can play.