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Procrastinators, FCG Is Ready to Rescue You from Holiday Humiliation!

Posted by Jay Frucci on Sat, November 17, 2018 @ 09: 55 AM



The winds were howling, ramming the house with an icy mix of rain and snow and waking me from a sound sleep. It was only mid-November, but winter was delivering a reminder of her ruthless power in the first nor’easter of the year. 

And, speaking of power, that’s what we lost minutes later. As the house fell silent, I knew we were in trouble. No power meant more than just a cold breakfast. No power meant no sump pump. Without it, the basement would flood within an hour. 

I’d planned for just such a crisis – but not fast enough. I bought a back-up generator a few days ago. I hired an electrician, but he wasn’t scheduled to get to our job for a week. I needed a quick, creative solution. 

In FCG’s warehouse, I knew we had a small spare generator. But that was ten miles away, and the storm wasn’t subsiding. A job like this required a partner, so I woke Diana. We lifted the garage door manually and took off down the sleet-slick streets. 

The warehouse was filled with beautiful pieces of furniture but it, too, was without power and dark. Somewhere in there was the generator. Armed with a flashlight, I peered under dressers and dining room tables. The clock was ticking. I could imagine water trickling into the basement back home.

Suddenly, I spotted the generator – behind a giant mahogany executive desk. We hurried to wiggle it free, then heaved into the car. As we raced home, I worried: would it start? Generators can be notoriously cranky. But luck was with me. The generator sprang into action with a reassuring hum. I connected the sump pump and it gurgled into action. 

By then, it was 3 a.m. Heaving a sigh of relief, Diana and I climbed back into bed. A few minutes later, power was restored. 

So maybe you’re like me and you almost got your act together. Maybe you’ve invited a houseful of guests for a big feast and you suddenly realize that the old dining set just won’t do. Maybe you don’t even have a dining set and the alternative – wobbly card tables borrowed from the neighbors – is just too awful to contemplate. 

Well, even the best laid plans go awry from time to time. Just remember: FCG is here for you. Our showrooms are full of dining sets in every size and style so you don’t have to ask your uncle to perch on a lawn chair with a plate of turkey in his lap even if it would serve him right after all the lame-o jokes about your cooking. 

And if you can help me quickly wire a generator, let me know.