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Tilton Cleaning Takes Our Name! It’s Really Part of the FCG Family Now

Posted by Jay Frucci on Tue, January 12, 2021 @ 12: 58 PM



If ever there was something to cheer, this is it: the year of the virus is over! Goodbye and good riddance, 2020. Maybe 2021 will bring a return to normalcy but, apparently, that won’t happen overnight.

I’m thinking this ruefully as I’m gasping for breath after a crushing workout in my basement. Sadly, the gym has been off limits since the start of the pandemic. My cardio workout now is jumping rope on the concrete floor in a dismal, dimly lit underground bunker. Good for the heart, I guess, but hard on the joints.

What we’re all yearning for is a clean break between 2020 and 2021. Instead, I’m beginning to realize, we’re going to fumble our way back to a new normal for the next few months. We’ll shed some of the practices of 2020; others will linger. As evidence, I’m starting the year with a new mask.

We’ve made a few changes at FCG in the last days of 2020.

In September, we acquired Tilton Cleaning, Boston’s premier cleaning and restoration company. After four months of learning about the business and integrating it into FCG, we’re taking the big step to change its name to FCG Home Services and Restoration. On New Year’s Eve, we launched a new website for this important service: You can find it now at

Our new service has been very busy in the last few months cleaning many of the upholstered items now for sale in our three showrooms. We know that gives our customers peace of mind when they’re considering buying pre-owned. You’ll find a metallic sticker on many upholstered items which will let you know those pieces have been deeply cleaned.

Remember, you can buy, sell, clean and restore with FCG.

Are you looking for someone to restore a favorite chair in need of repair or reupholstering? Our experts have the skills and dedication to devote to your beloved furniture. Contact us at

Do you have Oriental carpets that you want cleaned? Drop these items off at any of our stores. We’ll clean them and return them to the store nearest you for pick-up. Email us at for a quote or to schedule a drop-off.

And while traditional furniture retailers are struggling with clogged supply chains, resulting in long delays for new furniture, FCG has dozens of newly consigned items arriving in our showrooms every day. If you’re eager to finish that home-improvement project, come visit our stores where you can see it, buy it and take it home today!