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Trigger Your Next Decorating Project With Something Small

Posted by Jay Frucci on Sat, August 19, 2017 @ 10: 52 AM



When I was 13, my dad took me shopping for a suit. I dutifully donned the pants and jacket in the men's dressing room and stepped in front of a bank of mirrors for his inspection. My dad grimaced, then yanked at the waistline, giving me a wedgie. "Too tight in the crotch," his voice boomed, thereby alerting not only every shopper in the store but probably those in the farthest corners of the mall, too.

My brothers giggled in the background.

That memory came back to haunt me recently. I was in a store trying on a new pair of pants and, well, time hasn't diminished the issue of wide hips. This time, though, the salesman had some compassion for me. "Sir," he said in a discreet low tone, "our tailor should be able to fix that easily."      

I'm grateful for my new sharp-creased pants – and a tailor who can work miracles. All my other pairs were worn at the knees from crawling under dining tables to inspect them for possible consignment. The pockets were shredding after snagging on countless corners of furniture in the showroom. So I'm saying farewell to my torn and threadbare knickers!

Still, the newness of the pants has created an unexpected problem. In contrast, my belt looks worn. My shoes are scuffed. And all my shirt has gone limp and weary from countless cycles in the washer. 

That reminds me of a customer who purchased a coffee table recently from FCG. Once installed, the table sparked a makeover of the entire room. Suddenly, the scuffed hardwood floor looked as if she'd been hosting a weekly roller derby. The end tables were dated. The lamps were dingy.

She whipped into action and within a couple of weeks, the floors were refinished, the walls were painted, a new sofa was installed. Once again, the room looked fresh, updated and inviting.

As I stood in front of the mirror contemplating my new pants, I realized it was time for a wardrobe makeover. Shirts, belts, shoes – bring it on. You can do the same at FCG. Stop in this weekend and take the first step. You have no idea the kind of inspired change that artful side table could bring to your home.