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What Make the Cut at FCG: Mitchell Gold, Arhaus and Other Top Brands

Posted by Jay Frucci on Fri, August 30, 2019 @ 04: 14 PM



At our house, there’s no doubt that summer is dwindling down to its last precious days. On Monday, by family tradition, Diana will bake a cake for our three boys. On it, she will write in icing a command that is thrilling to our parental hearts: “Go To School!”

For our second-oldest son, high school really started a couple of weeks ago with the launch of fall sports. First came the captain’s practices, then the more challenging double practices. After that, coaches and captains selected their teams, winnowing down the number of potential athletes to a select few. Only the most talented make the cut. It is a painful but necessary process.

At FCG, we go through a similar process of sifting through the options to choose the furniture we’re proud to have in our three showrooms. Here’s how we decide:

First, we evaluate furniture trends and styles, which are constantly changing. Furniture from the 1980s: no. The 1990s? Unlikely. Danish modern, once out of vogue, is back in style. Also popular with our customers is furniture in good condition from Restoration Hardware, Mitchell Gold, Room & Board and Arhaus.

A second factor is resale value. There’s no Kelley Blue Book for furniture as there is for cars and trucks. But FCG is expert in weighing factors including the current retail price, condition, age, quality of construction and the value of the brand as we look at every piece of pre-owned furniture.

With all those factors in mind, we come up with a sale price. Then, we decide if it is enough to qualify for a spot in one of our showrooms. In only a few rare cases does furniture appreciate in value. Most furniture depreciates quickly, especially upholstered pieces. That’s why pricing is often the hardest concept to explain to new consignors. We price furniture to sell, not linger on the showroom floor.

Just like trying out and failing to make a high school team, it’s often painful for a potential consignor to realize that their beloved furniture won’t make the cut at FCG. But we have a promise to keep to our shoppers. At FCG, we strive to make sure our showrooms are chock full of stylish and high-quality furniture in good condition. That’s why we’re the top furniture consignment stores in all of New England.