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A Comfortable Situation

Posted by Jay Frucci on Tue, October 27, 2015 @ 11: 00 AM
img_2568copyYou gotta know where to draw the line.
Consider the current trend of "co-sleeping." That means letting kids sleep with mom and dad at night. Harmless? Maybe when baby is the size of a peanut. But then it gets to be a habit.  Just try getting some shut-eye with an eight-year-old who thrashes around all night like an eggbeater.
Well, that wasn't going to happen in my house. Our three boys had their beds. Diana and I had ours. Same with the dog.  Bark all you want, Roxie. You're not sharing my bed.
I had the situation under control - until about a year ago. Then, Furniture Consignment Gallery started selling new mattresses as a service to our customers who were buying bedroom sets. We chose Gold Bond, a brand that offered excellent quality for a reasonable price. 
Impressed with the feedback from happy customers, Diana and I figured it was time to dump our old mattress. We invested in a pillow-top called the Westminster, which sounds regal, palatial and luxurious. And, yes, it was all that and more. I loved that mattress. I never slept better.
That was the start of the Pillow-top Wars. I'd come home from work to find all three boys huddled together watching television - on my Westminster! I'd have to chase them out so I could flop down on my own bed for a few minutes.
Next, I started finding stowaways at bedtime. Seven-year-old Robbie would sneak in and fall asleep. While I was dragging him to his room, Roxie, the dog, would take his place then snarl at me for disturbing her delicious dog coma.
After hauling her downstairs, I'd find Collin, soon-to-be 13, under the covers. As I led him by his ear to his bed, I'd hear someone making a dash for it. Even Cade, our fifteen-year-old, couldn't resist the siren call of the Westminster. He's no peanut, either: 215 pounds. Size 13 feet.
My nights are exhausting now. But I'm determined to defend my right to the Gold Bond Westminster. I bought it - I'm not going to share it. Get a job, kiddo. Buy your own.