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Christmas Carols for Five Weeks? Can I Hear a Big Ho, Ho, No?

Amazon and AmEx: Small Business Killers Don a Holiday Disguise on ‘Small Biz Saturday’

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At FCG We Employ a Pricing Strategy That Works

No Business as Usual in FCG’s Hometown as We Pause to Honor a Slain Police Officer

FCG Majors in High End, Pre-owned Furniture with a Minor in Psychology

Kids at Camp? That’s Freedom for Mom and Dad

Glory, Glory Hallelujah! A Teenager, Home Alone, Celebrates His Independence

The World Cup: A Global Party We’d Love to Crash

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Open the Door! Advice for the Class of 2018

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Santa Brought Nerf Ammo. Now I'm Living in a Warzone

Dear Santa, I Want Peace on Earth and a Discount Coupon for College Tuition

An Artificial Christmas Tree? Not for Me

All I Want for Christmas Is ... a Kid Who Sings?

Accept or Reject for Consignment? Sometimes, We Make Mistakes

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No Greater Joy: Time for School

Furniture Can Be Sleek, Modern and it Can Last

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Going to College? FCG Can Help

Squiggley Fabric, Funny Colors: Ask Your Kids Before Buying

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Before You Buy Cheap, Consider Consignment

A Perfect Partnership: FCG & Artisan Stephen C. Staples

Caring for a Classic: Preserve, Don't Paint

Pomp and Circumstance? FCG Can Help

Get Me the Red Pen! Markdowns in Progress

Welcome Back, Snowbirds Now, Start Shopping!

Nosy Neighbors? No Problem for FCG

Timing is Everything In Life – and at FCG

No Fair, Wayfair: A Sofa Catastrophe

Summertime and Renting is Easy With Five Tips from FCG

Making Memories On Easter Sunday

Made in the USA: Good For Beer and Mattresses

Consignment Pricing Is a High-Wire Act

Sell it or Store it? What to do with Furniture You Might Not Need After the Big Move

On Time Arrival? Your Flight, No But FCG, Yes!

Take a Walk On the Wild Side: Buy the Purple Chairs

DIY Trouble: One BoyAnd a Can of Spray Paint

Lessons Learned Over Twelve Years

Fleeing the Winter, Leaving the Furniture

Patriots' Parade Yields A Father-Son Memory

Special Delivery: A Gift From a Soldier to His Wife

Mistakes Happen, FCG Can Help Fix It

A Mutiny at Home: Mom's Recuperation, Week #2

All Work, No Play:Not at FCG

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No Relative Left Behind