A Mutiny at Home: Mom's Recuperation, Week #2

Posted by Jay Frucci on Sat, January 21, 2017 @ 08: 15 AM


What?  Again!?!

I heard it distinctly. It was the impatient tapping of a manicured nail against a coffee cup. It was a cue – and an unspoken reprimand. In other words, the tapping said, "How long does a woman have to wait for another cup of coffee around here?"

Twelve days ago, my wife had foot surgery. Now from her comfy perch on the sofa, she's recuperating – and driving me crazy with her incessant orders, requests, suggestions and reminders.

Don't get me wrong. No one deserves a break more than Diana. She lives with four men: me and our three growing boys. That's a lot of testosterone. Not to mention sweaty socks, sports gear, and snacks. But with her at the helm of our household, things ran so smoothly for so long that we took it for granted.

Now, its chaos around here. Our clothes are dirty, the fridge is empty, the dog is neglected. The kids have to make their beds, bake their brownies, microwave the popcorn, load the dishwasher, and run the vacuum. The troops are in shock at the amount of work it takes just to live.

We're on Week #2. And, to be honest, we're exhausted. At first we doted on our patient. We even gave her a little bell so she could summon us quickly when she wanted something.

Now, we ignore the bell. Even worse, we try to sneak by her without being noticed. She's so needy! "Could you get me ... my phone .... some water ... a Diet Coke with ice... the tv clicker... a pillow for my back?"

Honestly, I don't want to get her that pillow. I might use it to muffle her demands– if only for a little while. I've run so many laps around the house that my Fitbit is about to explode. The boys are complaining that they're living through a perpetual Mother's Day: breakfast in bed, cheerful smiles, household chores. It's a nightmare.

Last night, the boys pulled me aside for a secret family conference outside of the patient's earshot. They were blunt. "Dad, Mom is killing us. Can you take her back to the hospital?"

Wearily, I tried to rally the troops with a rah-rah speech. We can do this, I said, but no one was buying it anymore. Diana's little bell pealed urgently, interrupting me, and the kids just bolted. I haven't seen them since.

If you see them, please return them to FCG. Their mom wants her coffee cup refilled.

All Work, No Play:Not at FCG

Posted by Jay Frucci on Sat, January 14, 2017 @ 07: 55 AM


Mid-winter doldrums? Not at FCG!

We're seeing an infectious new spirit among shoppers in our three stores this month: FUN.

Maybe it's the wild colors in our showroom in Natick. Like the reproduction Le Corbusier chairs in regal purple. Or the bright yellow sofa. Or the turquoise-and-white armchair. Maybe it's the eye-catching art in Hanover. Like the fanciful print of a castle in the air or the aquatic prints of shells, starfish and crabs. Or the wildly patterned rugs in Plymouth. Or our extraordinary collection of lamps.  

Or maybe it's our friendly staffers, eager to help you find exactly the inspired piece of furniture or accessory you need for your home. There's excitement in the air when the doors open in the morning and our talented designers get to work on your projects.  

2016 was a big year for growth at FCG. We opened a vast, new store in Natick. We hired new employees. With only minor snafus, we made major improvements to streamline our operations to better serve our customers.

Now, after six months of intense focus on training new staffers and growing our company, FCG is hitting its stride. We're having fun at work again – and so are our customers. Boston's top interior designers are popping into our stores to see if they can find some special pieces for their clients. Antique hunters are checking out the inventory for treasures.

And homeowners are renovating, redecorating and shopping with a new confidence and enthusiasm. "I bought a rug last week," said one woman. "What a find! So I thought I'd drop in again to see what's new this week."

That's what makes it so fun at FCG. There's something new in every store every day. Shopping at FCG is like a treasure hunt. You never know what you'll find in our showrooms. One guarantee: you will always find a friendly, smiling face among our staff.

Why Buy at FCG? Quality – and Bargains

Posted by Jay Frucci on Sat, January 07, 2017 @ 08: 22 AM


Right about now, some newlywed couple somewhere is staring in horror at the lumps in the microfiber couch they bought after the wedding last spring. How do I know this?

Because I know how mass-market furniture is made.    

Armed with market research, furniture companies know exactly how much the average consumer will spend on new furniture. Sectionals go for $1,500, dining sets $2,000 and a bedroom dresser is $499.

Hitting those price points is a challenge for manufacturers. That's why the sofa's wooden frame is hastily pasted with a poor-quality glue. That's why the fabric is thin and badly stitched. That's why the finish on the dining room table is uneven.

And that's why the big furniture retailers are so eager to sell you extended warranties. Tearful newlyweds complaining about broken furniture are such a downer in the showroom. 

At FCG, we have a different philosophy. Our focus is on fine furniture, the kind that's built to last. This is furniture made by experienced craftsmen who use only the best fabric, wood, trims, stains and finishes. They pay attention to details such as the stitching of a pillow. They use top-grain woods with rare and distinct natural patterns.

Making fine furniture is exacting and time-consuming. It requires passion. And that care and quality is reflected in the price.

Not every room requires fine furniture. I get that. Sometimes, an inexpensive but functional piece fits the bill. "We bought a cabinet for the laundry room at Target for $300," a shopper told me. "Yeah, it's wobbly. I don't care."

But once you've outgrown the shabby years of starting out, you won't want wobbly in the rooms you actually live in. You won't want family dinners on wobbly. Your Super Bowl guests won't be comfortable with lumpy, ripped or broken furniture. 

So stop by one of our three showrooms, and we'll give you a lesson in why you should start investing in some pieces of fine furniture for your home. Best of all, at FCG, you'll pay a fraction of what that fine furniture would have cost new. You'll get a bargain – and a piece of furniture that will last a lifetime.

Living the Cozy Life: Advice from the Danes

Posted by Jay Frucci on Sat, December 31, 2016 @ 02: 13 PM


Lose ten pounds. Clean out the cellar. Start running. Abstain from cursing. Damn! Don't you just hate New Year's? After a joyful binge of revelry from Thanksgiving to Christmas, we slink into the new year lugging a sackful of boulders called "resolutions."

I have a better idea, thanks to the New York Times.

According to the Times, 2017's biggest trend may well be hygge. That's Danish for the 'blissful contentment of a warm and cozy home.' The Danes have long embraced hygge in its many forms: fuzzy socks, soft blankets, hot chocolate, pine-scented candles, sweet pastries and merry sing-a-longs.

Long a national secret held close to their hearts, the Danes are exporting the concept now, thanks to a couple of bestsellers extolling the virtues of hygge. (That's pronounced 'hoo-gah,' like some sort of chant by a sweaty platoon of Marines.) 

You need some help with hygge? Look no further than Furniture Consignment Gallery.

Start with a fresh new mattress! We have every option: tempurpedic, foldable, flip-able, split box, high box, low box, rock firm, pillow top. Our mattress experts in Plymouth and Natick will help you achieve your version of 'warm and cozy.'

Snuggling in front of the fire just isn't any fun on that old, stained couch. We've got plenty of sofas in stock. Stretch out on one in our stores and imagine spending the first big blizzard of the season wrapped there in a bunny-soft blanket.

Or, if you love your old sofa but hate the stains, recover it! Send us a photo to We'll give you an idea of how much it will cost. Then, stop by, select a fun fabric and make the old new again. 

Our showrooms are full of items that will help you create your own version of hygge in your home this winter: butter-soft leather chairs, charming lamps, captivating art. So forget all those well-meaning resolutions that aim to strip all the fun out of life. Don't be a Puritan! Be a Dane! Repeat after me: "Hoo-gah! Hoo-gah!"     

A Round of Applause for The Stars of the Show

Posted by Jay Frucci on Sat, December 24, 2016 @ 01: 21 PM




Every day, when the doors open at Furniture Consignment Gallery, it's showtime!

Our staff works hard all year long to find and showcase the finest pre-owned furniture in New England. Our delivery teams navigate the highways and byways of our region, from bustling city streets to rutted dirt roads, picking up and delivering the goods. Unfailingly polite and considerate, they make sure your furniture is handled with the care it deserves.   

Then, our talented store designers take center stage. They create amazing furniture displays that highlight the extraordinary pieces in our showrooms. And they work with each and every customer to help them find just the right piece for just the right place in their homes.  

This was a particularly big year for FCG. We opened a vast new showroom in Natick, MA. We closed a small store in Chestnut Hill. We added warehouse space and streamlined operations to accommodate a company-wide growth spurt. 

Throughout it all, our seasoned staffers and new employees have given their all to their jobs. Together, they welcomed the challenges and embraced new ways of doing business. One and all, they worked as a team.

Diana and I are grateful for their time, talent and dedication to the mission of FCG. We believe we have the good fortune to work with the best people in the industry from our delivery teams to our web photographers, our salespeople and our store managers.

So we want to wish them and their families a wonderful holiday season. As the curtain goes down on 2016, let's roll the credits:

Delivery: Matt A., Matt G., Rob W., Dana D., Christian B., Andrew S., Nick G, Cade F.

Marketing: Donnie C., Alyssa O'., Amanda B.,

Sales Associates: Marsha, Carole, Karyn, Carolyn, Jill, Diane, Drew, Ron, Mike

Store Managers:  Ellen, Brad, Brian

Accounting:  Gloria

And I'd like to add one final note: we lost a wonderful employee this month, Gina Gatter, Assistant Manager of our store in Natick. She was not only a tremendous talent but also a friend. Our hearts pour out to her family this season. She was loved and appreciated. We, at FCG, will miss her

Holiday Hours:  Christmas Eve 10-2, Chrstmas Day Closed, Monday December 26th 12-6, T-F 10-6. New Year's Eve 10-4, New Years Day 12-5.

Christmas Countdown Sparks High-Level Sleuthing

Posted by Jay Frucci on Sat, December 17, 2016 @ 08: 24 AM



Russia is terrorizing the nation with its cyber-hacking. Well, I say bah humbug. Those Russian spies are amateurs compared to the tech-savvy sleuths in my household.

With only one week left until Christmas, our three boys have launched a full-scale CPI. Decoded, that means Christmas Present Investigation. They've hacked into our Amazon account to check for purchases. They've scanned our email for shipment notifications.

They've assembled all the necessary tools for gift inspection without detection: latex gloves (no fingerprints), tweezers for peeling back tape, magnifying glasses to peer through gift wrap, glue to re-attach frayed paper. They may even have secretly affixed GPS trackers to the UPS delivery trucks. I wouldn't put it past them.     

The boys' campaign comes after weeks of relentless lobbying for gifts that would bankrupt the household. Gone are the days of asking for simple things like balls, bats and board games under the tree. Our three boys, ages 8, 14 and 16, are into big-ticket items now.

Their wish list is all electronic: drones, exotic gaming systems, remote-control gizmos, and battery-powered hoverboards. If fulfilled, we'd have so much lithium under the tree we'd be at risk of blowing up the house and maybe even the neighborhood.

In earlier years, Diana and I had our own covert tactics to try to outwit the masterminds of the CPI. We used to stash the presents at the store to avoid detection. But now that the boys are old enough to work in the family business, we've lost our secret hiding place.

So, boys, we give up. You win. We can't combat your superior spying skills anymore. We surrender. You want gifts? Talk to the jolly old man at the North Pole.

So you better watch out. You better not pout. You better not cry, I'm telling you why. You better start believing in Santa Claus again. He's the only one I know who's capable of beating you at the espionage game.

Store Wars: FCG's Annual Christmas Tree Contest

Posted by Jay Frucci on Sat, December 10, 2016 @ 08: 16 AM



Snowflakes as big as parasols in Plymouth? A convoy of tiny toy trucks – hand-painted with the company logo – winding their way through a forest of miniature furniture ornaments in Natick? A lavishly beribboned blue-and-white tree in Hanover?

'Tis the season for competitive holiday decorating. Once again, our three stores are battling fiercely for the title of Best Decorated Christmas Tree at FCG. Who determines the winner? You, our customers. Your votes determine which tree is the most spectacular of all.

What's at stake? Staffers at the winning store get a catered holiday lunch, compliments of the boss. Believe me, though, it isn't a plateful of holiday ham that's stirring up such a competitive frenzy. Far more important to our decorators is the honor of the title – those bragging rights last a full year – and knowing that they've dazzled you with their efforts.

Competitive tree decorating is a four-year tradition at FCG. Winners in earlier years chose creative themes that stole the show with over-the-top cleverness. Remember the Old Glory Tree, festooned in tiny American flags and red, white and blue ribbons? The Nautical Tree? The Gumdrop Tree?

Like all heated contests, this one has had some high jinks. One year, Plymouth's manager undertook an undercover mission to spy on Hanover. His twin brother is manager of that store, so the contest had an element of extreme sibling rivalry. The spy's defense? All's fair in love, war and competitive decorating.

You've got two weeks to cast your vote in person, by email or on our Facebook page. But I recommend you make it your mission to visit FCG before the deadline, Dec. 17. While you're there, you might just find something perfect to put under your tree. Our stores are jammed with gifts and accessories for every taste: stunning prints, elegant lamps, fun pillows, giant chessboards, rustic cutting boards, and all sorts of fun accessories.

And if we find you frozen in awe in front of our magnificent trees, don't worry. We'll shake you out of your trance and send you home in time for the holidays.

Cast your vote here!


Looking for the Perfect Gift? FCG Has Truckloads

Posted by Jay Frucci on Sat, December 03, 2016 @ 07: 54 AM



Holiday cheer? For many of us, December kicks off a marathon of holiday stress.

Just look at the family calendar. First week: the Christmas bazaar. (Crafts galore! Who doesn't want another crocheted toilet-roll cover for the bathroom?) The company holiday party. (Excellent source of hilarious stories about co-workers for months.) The neighborhood holiday party. (Husband: "Are those real?" Wife, eyes rolling: "Are you kidding?")

Then, there's the Christmas play, followed a week later by the school's holiday concert. (CIA, take note. No torture is as grueling as listening to a middle-school band or orchestra grinding out a Christmas carol that sounds vaguely like "Proud Mary.")

Amidst all this forced jollity, we still have to find time to buy and wrap gifts. Overwhelmed? FCG can help.

For the man in your life, an Ekornes recliner and matching ottoman in black leather – just in time for some serious television viewing in January. That's in our showroom in Hanover. For someone who loves fine craftsmanship and classic handmade furniture, FCG has a large selection of pieces by Eldred Wheeler.

Something fun for the free-spirited decorator? We've got purple velvet salon chairs in Hanover, perfect for a louche pre-theatre cocktail party. And, just in time for the holidays, all our stores have an abundant selection of new framed prints, accessories and lamps – gifts so striking that you won't even want to wrap them. Just affix a bow and you're done.

So don't fret. Make FCG your first stop this weekend. Then, back to the to-do list: make rum cake. Eat rum cake. Make more rum cake.


A Love Story, a Road Trip and a Treasure Found

Posted by Jay Frucci on Sat, November 26, 2016 @ 08: 01 AM



What's the definition of a great day at FCG?

Answer: Ringing up a sale wrapped in a love story.

Last week, we met a couple who'd driven six hours from Baltimore to our store in Plymouth. They'd found a Bob Timberlake cherry dresser on our website and decided to take an impromptu road trip to check it out. This was their hobby: furniture treasure-hunting around the U.S.    

The Timberlake dresser was well worth the trip, they decided. As we wrapped the piece for the drive back to Baltimore, he regaled us with the story of their late-in-life romance.

"I married my cousin," he announced. Seeing our startled looks, his wife blushed and quickly jumped in to explain. "Actually, we're cousins by marriage."

The two had met at a family reunion a few years ago. In talking, they realized they had played together as children at an aunt's house on Chesapeake Bay – four decades earlier. "People change after forty years," he told us, wrapping an arm around her. "But her eyes ... they were just the same."

He'd been in the Navy and was in recovery from the bottle. She'd spent her career teaching middle-school math. I mentioned that we had a son in eighth grade. "Eighth-grade boys," she said, nodding her head in sympathy. "I don't miss them."

Now retired from their careers, they plan impromptu treasure-hunting trips. By day, they scour antique shops and consignment stores to find furniture bargains for their home. By night, they look for an "open mike" at clubs and bars. He backs her up when she sings; she does the same for him.

The Timberlake dresser was a particularly meaningful find for the couple. Bob Timberlake, an artist and designer of home furnishings, has been a major force in the furniture industry for twenty-five years. In particular, he's known for his insistence on furniture that's made in America. That meant a lot to this couple.  

Sometimes, you have to travel quite a distance to find your treasure. For this couple, it was a forty-year journey to find a long-lost love. We're glad they shared their story with us, and let us share it with you.

This holiday season, we invite you to do your own treasure-hunting at FCG. And if you've got a special love story to share, we're all ears.


No Relative Left Behind

Posted by Jay Frucci on Sat, November 19, 2016 @ 08: 28 AM


So you're squinting at the guest list and wondering where on earth are you going to seat your mother-in-law's third husband? Outside on the porch? No, sigh, he's family now, as horrifying at that may be.

FCG can help.

First, we can validate your feelings. ("What was she thinking?") Then, more importantly, we can solve your seating problems quickly – and at at a bargain price.

Do you need a larger dining room set, say, one that seats 12? We've got a large selection that range from country to traditional to transitional in all three showrooms in Hanover, Plymouth and Natick. Living room looking a little shabby? In Natick, we have a new living room set with beautiful linen slipcovers, made by Lee Industries.

How about a Eldred Wheeler Queen Anne dining table with eight chairs? New, this set sells for over $11,000. FCG's Hanover store has it in the showroom. Price: $6,999. We also have an Eldred Wheeler Collector's Edition bonnet-top secretary. Buy it new as well for $11,000 – or at FCG for $6,999. If you're a fan of Eldred Wheeler, FCG has lots of its other popular items in stock, as well.

Need delivery? Bring your own crew – put those surly teens to work! –  and you will have your new furniture in your home the day you buy it. Or you can schedule in-home delivery through FCG. Our schedule still has a few openings next week if you need your furniture before Thanksgiving.

FCG has got you covered when it comes to getting your home ready for the holidays. Finding the tofurkey for the vegans? Sorry. That's all on you.