Lazy Days of Summer? Not at FCG

Posted by Jay Frucci on Sat, August 20, 2016 @ 08: 30 AM


Page 5. That's how far my teenage son has gotten with his required summer reading. Suddenly, though, digging into a book that's been gathering dust all summer on his nightstand is a matter of the utmost urgency. That's probably because I asked him to weed the garden. We've got crabgrass on steroids out there.

Like most teenagers, he's horrified at the thought of undertaking such backbreaking labor under the brutal rays of the summer sun. His idea of vigorous exercise is hitting the snooze button on the alarm clock. Or twiddling a video game controller.

Okay, maybe I am being a little hard on the kid. He's had a long and successful summer of competitive waterskiing. But by mid-August, the scheduled activities have ground to a halt. Making microwave popcorn and balancing a bowl of cereal on his belly while watching television are the highlights of his Summer Olympics.

In my book, that means it's time for SCHOOL.

Meanwhile, our stores have never been busier. Our delivery teams have been logging long hours picking up consignments and jamming our three showrooms full of amazing new furniture. Summer's at a standstill, but FCG is in full bloom and our showrooms are ripe for the picking.

We've got dozens of great dining room sets for the holidays and cozy leather sectionals for football season. Best of all, you don't have to wait six to ten weeks for shipping as you would at many of the major furniture dealers. Find it at FCG and take it home that day.

So drag your teenagers out of the house and tell them you need help loading some new furniture in your car. So what if they're only on page 5! They've got all next week to polish off that reading – while you're polishing your new cherry breakfront.

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Boston's Junior League 2016 Designer Show House: The Media Room

Posted by Jay Frucci on Tue, May 10, 2016 @ 11: 04 AM

newsletter-with-text.jpg From any angle, the house was a challenge. Neglected for decades, its plaster walls were pocked with holes. Its floors were uneven. The plumbing gurgled as if it had intestinal distress and sparks flew from an antiquated electrical system. Outside, the paint was chipped and the shutters askew.

But the house has a rich history. Built in 1854, it was home to one of the nation’s first co-ed schools and it was a stop on the Underground Railway during the Civil War. So, this spring, the area’s top interior designers came to its rescue, and they’ve transformed the ramshackle place into a captivating show house of inspired design.

Among them was Diana Frucci, ASID, my wife and co-owner of Furniture Consignment Gallery. Her assignment was one of the most difficult. She was assigned a small, bland, windowless box just off the kitchen.

Over the last couple of weeks, she’s transformed it into a new-concept Media Room. “My vision for the room was a comfortable multi-purpose cocoon for the family,” she explains. “And I wanted an artful mix of edgy modern furniture along with some classic, timeless pieces.”

Working with Huntington Homes Media Systems, she installed a state- of-the-art audio-visual system with a projection screen for lazy winter afternoons binge-watching Netflix. Venetian sconces flank the fireplace. A rug splashed with blues and grays was donated by the courtesy of Landry and Acari. For a stylish pop of color, Diana added a pair of B&B Italia contemporary chairs with ottomans in tangerine. Diana’s Media Room is a hint of the extraordinary mix of furniture we’ll be featuring when we open our new FCG showroom in Natick this July. Along with the brand-name, high-quality classic and traditional furniture for which we are known, Natick will offer a large selection of upscale contemporary pieces made by Mitchell Gold, Roche Bobois, and Rolf Benz.

So visit the Nathaniel Allen House in West Newton, MA, the Junior League of Boston’s 2016 Designer Show House. Linger in the Media Room and imagine the possibilities of bringing a fresh, new and edgy look into your home. We’ll have just the mix of furniture you need – at bargain prices – starting this summer in Natick.

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Remembering A Runner

Posted by Jay Frucci on Sat, April 16, 2016 @ 08: 27 AM


We shared the same jogging route in our hometown of Hanover, though we ran at different times. A labor-and-delivery nurse, she was training to run the Boston Marathon to raise funds for Beth Israel’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Then, two days before Christmas, she was struck and killed while on a run by a driver high on a combination of drugs.

While I didn’t know her well, I’d coached her son in soccer. Our boys shared a desk at school. My wife had spent some time poolside with her as our sons took swim lessons. Her senseless death was stunning to those of us who knew her and to the local running community.

On Monday, 30,000 runners will toe the starting line of the 120th Boston Marathon. Every one of those runners will pit their bodies and their spirits against an intensely grueling athletic challenge: 26.2 miles.

Some are running towards a goal. Others are running away from something. Some run to check off an item on a bucket list. Others run for the greater good of humanity, raising funds to support a charity. Fundraising for the NICU was an important goal for this single mother. And to date, some $25,500 has been donated on her fundraising page, which is still active.

As the runners jam the streets from Hopkinton to Boston on Monday, we ask you to take a moment to remember and honor the memory of the fallen runner. At FCG on Monday, we plan to tune in to the race and cheer on the 30,000, remembering her spirit and dedication.

All of our showrooms will be open on Monday, Patriots’ Day, including our store in Chestnut Hill. (That store is typically closed on Mondays.) Godspeed, runners.

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A Little Mischief In February

Posted by Jay Frucci on Thu, March 03, 2016 @ 12: 01 PM
“Is Roxie okay?” Our three boys were huddled around our two-year-old brindle Boxer, clearly worried. Roxie was sprawled on the floor asleep, snoring as loudly as a souped-up Harley. Earlier, she’d snatched a bottle of cough syrup out of the bathroom, chewed off the top and guzzled the contents. Now, she was sleeping it off.
February is a month for mischief. Housebound and winter-weary, we’re all a little too eager for adventure. Why do you think there’s a February boat show in Boston? You walk in, a solid citizen with a well-balanced checkbook. You walk out, a wild-eyed boat owner with dreams of Margaritaville. 

 Roxie, as it turned out, was just fine. But even FCG is not immune to mid-winter madness. Our adventure? This week, we made the decision to open a big new showroom on Route 9, eastbound, in Natick.
Our grand opening is scheduled for July 1. We’ll spend the next five months racing to meet that deadline, but we’re excited to bring 11,000 square feet of the finest pre-owned furniture in New England to Boston’s Metrowest.      
With a huge new showroom in Natick, we’ve also made the decision to close our tiny jewel box of a store in Chestnut Hill, but not until the new showroom opens. We’ll miss our loyal shoppers there, but we’ll be only a few miles down the road with a huge inventory of the furniture bargains you love.   
If you’d like a little adventure in your life – but a new boat is too big a commitment – why not update your home with a new piece of furniture? Consider a bold yellow Italian leather sectional by Friggheto Casa Italiano: Or finish off your master bedroom with an elegant walnut lingerie chest by Henredon:

This weekend, stop by one or all of our three stores in
Hanover, Chestnut Hill and Plymouth. We’ve got hundreds of quality pieces of furniture not to mention some fantastic buys on accessories, art and lamps. Live a little! 

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Smart Buyers Budget Pre-Owned Furniture Into Their Project Plan

Posted by Jay Frucci on Tue, February 16, 2016 @ 02: 29 PM


Her diamonds were sparking a laser light show as she gestured imperially at a sideboard in our sunny showroom at Chestnut Hill. “It’s a Baker Furniture Historic Charleston,” she said with a dismissive wave in my direction. “It’s perfect! Wrap it up for me!”  

She leaned towards me as if bestowing some kind of a state secret. “Upholstery, I buy new,” she confided. “Everything else is consignment.” 

Even the very rich have discovered the thrill of finding a treasure at Furniture Consignment Gallery. Apparently, mingling with the hoi polloi is so very worth it when you can find an extraordinary bargain for your mansion in one of our three showrooms.  

 Two weeks ago, a sparkling German SUV breezed into the parking lot in our Hanover location. Out stepped an elegant woman and her interior designer, armed with blueprints. They whipped through the showroom plucking tags off a dozen pieces of furniture, including the Ralph Lauren mahogany dining room table on which they’d laid out the architectural plans of her suburban palace.  

“Dining room, foyer, master bedroom – done, done and done,” the designer said with a sigh of delight. She and her client had set aside half of the decorating budget for consignment pieces. Their success that morning meant they could splurge on custom bedding and window treatments for the daughters’ bedrooms. 

“Consignment is a terrific option for even my wealthiest clients,” she said in a private aside to me. “Quality furniture, brand names, bargain prices, and delivery within a few days – it’s instant satisfaction.”     

 Whether you work the nightshift or you own the factory, you can create the home of your dreams at FCG. Our inventory is constantly refreshed with new pieces coming in every week, and we’ve got something for every budget. Bring your blueprints. Wear your diamonds. Or not.  

 Shopping the pre-owned furniture market is smart. Shopping at Furniture Consignment Gallery is brilliant.


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Let's Give Your Home A Refresh

Posted by Jay Frucci on Sat, January 02, 2016 @ 12: 27 PM
topper-Jan9th.jpg“Time to clean,” Lisa, one of our sales associates, announced last week. She affixed me with a firm look and pointed at a file cabinet stuffed with old contracts and receipts. “You’ve got to get the positive energy flowing in here.”

Full confession: furniture, I understand. Feng shui, not so much.  But Lisa was determined to undertake a dramatic re-organization of my office. I suspect she’d read that bestselling book, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.” Once I reluctantly agreed, she was relentless, purging our files of clutter, flinging all the flotsam and jetsam of last year into the trash.

When we were done, I felt a surge of energy and purpose. Like a lot of people, I hate to let go of the comfort of familiar clutter. But getting rid of old files and long-forgotten to-do lists opened up a kind of psychic space for new thoughts and ideas. Hey, I thought, maybe there is something to this trend of reorganizing.      

So we’re extending the concept to you, our customers, and to our showrooms. Take a good look around your house. Is that recliner looking a little ratty? Is the coffee table a little wobbly? Start 2016 off right. Sweep out the old and bring in the new. We’ve got showrooms full of beautiful furniture and accessories to refresh your home and help you prepare for the holidays and other family events of this new year.    

And here’s a little incentive.

Starting today through Wednesday January 6, 2016, we are having a sale. Take 10% off any item in the showroom.  

2015 was a very good year. But if you de-clutter, refresh and apply some feng shui, 2016 might be even better.

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Outwitting The Kids

Posted by Jay Frucci on Sat, December 19, 2015 @ 12: 17 PM

0_a2578_a227e315_orig.png“Done!” Diana said triumphantly. She snapped the laptop shut and checked off the last item on her shopping list. Christmas 2015 was in the bag. 

Or, actually, in the truck. Thanks to online shopping, we’ve hardly set foot in a mall this season, which, for busy working parents like us, is a major victory. Diana scoured the Internet for bargains and treasures, saving us the stressful task of trekking from one store to another to find the perfect gift for everyone on our list.   

And, according to the news, the Fruccis are not unique this holiday season. Online shopping will likely top $83 billion this year, up 10% from 2014. No wonder UPS has had to rent additional vans to deliver all the packages. Our front door is seemingly piled high every afternoon with brown cartons.  

While Christmas shopping has gotten easier, hiding the loot has never been more difficult for parents. As soon as the boxes started landing on our doorstep in late November, our three boys would run out and examine them closely. They would study stickers, tags and barcodes to determine where the package came from – and what its likely contents were.  

“Mom!” Robbie, our seven-year-old, announced one afternoon. “My Skylanders Superchargers just showed up!” 

Not to be outwitted by a pack of under-age private eyes, Diana switched the delivery address to our showroom in Hanover. It seemed the perfect solution. But Collin, our thirteen-year-old, figured out how to log onto her account on Amazon. There, he hit the motherlode: a list of everything she’d bought this year.  

Playing hide-and-seek with the presents is part of the fun of Christmas. Thanks to the Internet, we no longer have to endure snarled traffic and overcrowded malls. But we do have to come up with some pretty ingenious ways of outwitting the spies in our midst. The times, they are a-changin’.    

Happy Holidays to your family from all of us at FCG.

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Sales Tales

Posted by Jay Frucci on Tue, December 15, 2015 @ 04: 23 PM
hamper.png“Hmmm,” Diana said, frowning. “Your wardrobe needs a makeover.”
  When it comes to style, I like to keep it simple. I have a closet full of brown-check shirts. When I need to kick it up a notch, I’ve got a brown check with a thin red stripe. I know, I know, I’m thinking peacock. You’re thinking hedgehog. But I feel like America’s next top model in that shirt.
So I made a rare pilgrimage to a men’s clothing store earlier this week. I was ready to embrace my inner dandy. A paisley pocket square? Bring it on. I was a man on a mission.
All my gusto fizzled after a half-hour in a retail abyss. I wandered around helplessly, ignored by three salesmen. Two were studying their cell phones. One was fussing over a rainbow of ties on a table. I cleared my throat to get someone’s attention.

Mr. Fussy finally wandered over, trailing a nimbus of cheap cologne, a tape measure around his neck. He cut me off as I was explaining my mission and started plucking shirts, pants and ties in every color from every table. At one point, he paused and hollered across the room: “Hey, buddy, what size are you?”

What? Okay, I work out, though maybe not as much as in my twenties. I’m a fortysomething dad. I take my Patriots with a side of beer and pizza. Do I want to shout out my size? Would that ever happen in the dress department at Nordstrom? “Looking’ a little broad in the beam there, madam. What are you – a 16?”

In the dressing room, the salesman tried to talk me into a purple striped shirt with a black tie. I looked like a thug. Next came the stovepipe pants, apparently a thing this winter in Soho. I looked like Honest Abe. I couldn’t get out of there fast enough, mission not accomplished.

Which makes me realize the importance of good sales staff. I came to the store hoping to find someone help me nudge my personal fashion dial very slightly to the left. A good salesman would have listened carefully, sized up my conservative fashion sensibilities, and made some sensitive suggestions. Ultimately, he would have rung up a big sale. 
Tis’ the season to shop – and we’ve all got some stories about the best and worst of the retail experience. So vent with me! Drop me a note about your shopping miracles and nightmares. We’ll all have a good laugh. And we’re always looking for ways to improve the customer experience at FCG. Your feedback will help.

Spirited Gift Hunting

Posted by Jay Frucci on Wed, December 09, 2015 @ 10: 46 AM

img_7326.jpgChristmas, 1999: I was tired, hungry, cold and worried. I’d been trudging in and out of gift shops all evening. My boots were soaked with icy slush. Soon, the shops would close and I still hadn’t found the perfect gift for my wife.
Diana was in the middle of an extraordinarily difficult pregnancy that year. Because of complications, she was bedridden, swollen and miserable. I wanted to find something that would tell her how grateful I was and how hopeful I was for a healthy baby and wife.  
In the last moments before closing time, I stumbled into a small shop and found the perfect gift: a handcrafted pendant of a mother with child encircled with stars. The sweet old lady who owned the shop told me the stars symbolized angels surrounding my wife and unborn son and keeping them safe.
Even now, years later, seeing that pendant brings back a rush of memories. I remember the excitement and the worry about impending parenthood. I remember the frustration of looking for the perfect gift and the thrill of finding it. img_7353.jpg
I see the same hope in the shoppers who wander through our showrooms this time of year. Like me, they’re looking for something more special than a scarf, a tie or a cold piece of technology. I want to reassure them: you’ve come to the right place.
Our stores are chockful of furniture and accessories perfect for that special someone. We have practical items: desks, chairs, lamps. We have classic accessories: framed prints of ships and nautical scenes, perfect for a home office, a man cave or a study.

We have fun accessories, too. Our Plymouth showroom offers lobster buoys and signs with slogans made from driftwood. For aviators, we’ve got a mobile of vintage model airplane that holds an assortment of candles. For boaters, we’ve got a decorative

At FCG, you might just finish your holiday shopping this weekend with the unique and special gifts you’ve been hoping to find.

Man Chair Love

Posted by Jay Frucci on Sat, November 14, 2015 @ 04: 48 PM
"Can you do anything with this?" The older gentleman slid a photo of a tattered plaid chair across the counter at me. "Well," I said hesitantly, hoping not to hurt his feelings, "that might be difficult for us to sell..."
"Sell it?" he growled. "I don't want you to sell it! I want you to fix it!"
Turns out, this chair has been his throne for almost four decades. The pitch of its recline was perfect. Its cushions supported his neck and back properly. And, best of all, his plaid chair had some powerful sports mojo.
From that throne, he'd watched quarterback Doug Flutie throw the infamous Hail Mary pass in 1984. He'd witnessed Larry Bird steal the ball in 1987 to win the game for the Boston Celtics.  He'd seen the Red Sox reverse the Curse in 2004, the Bruins hoist the Cup in 2011. Now, he's asking me to fix that chair so he can watch Brady continue his Revenge Tour into 2016.
Upholstering a chair is expensive, I explained. I took him on a tour of the showroom, hoping he would find a replacement. 
Little did he know, I've been looking for the perfect chair, too. I prowl the showrooms regularly, sitting in every one on the floor searching for a throne made just for me. One with a flat - not rolled - arm so I can rest a cold bourbon on it in the evening. One that soothes my sciatica. I've been looking for years. I have my eye on the American Leather swivel recliner. I gently steered him away from it because that might be the one for me.
Regardless, my customer, the older gentleman, decided he didn't have the time for that kind of odyssey. He opted to reupholster his faithful furniture companion. After all, he figured, it's a small price to pay for a chair that brings good fortune to his favorite teams.
"You can pick it up after this Sunday, but I want it back before the Denver game," he barked. 

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