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What Does Your Furniture Say About You?

Posted by Jay Frucci on Mon, February 22, 2010 @ 01: 29 PM

I recall the old study behind someone's choice of car, specifically the car's color. The study found that peoples' personalities were reflected in their choice of car and color.

So what does our furniture say about us? Maybe the better question is what are we trying to say about ourselves through our furniture and home decor? We spend countless hours of self torture agonizing over which color of taupe we should choose -- when really any of them would be fine. Somewhere in our brain we're thinking "is this me?"

This week I had the pleasure to work with a couple who had downsized from their home of 35 years into a nice, new over 55 condo. They spent weeks at an upscale furniture store trying to create the perfect scene for their retirement. This only to decide that they had made a $10,000 mistake in their living room. The look they wanted was not achieved. Though it looked fine to me, it wasn't a representation of who they were and it bothered them. Yes, their $10,000 mistake is now in our showroom.

In fairness, it is very difficult to embody who you are in your furniture. We see this all of the time. Customers will say, "I bought this, but it just wasn't me." So what advice can we offer you as you attempt to update your home so that it becomes a reflection of who you are?

  • Hire a professional! In the interview process, make sure the designer asks you questions and listens to you. You don't want a designer who will try to impose their will on you. No matter how well published or decorated their resume is, you must be comfortable with the person that you choose.
  • Shy away from asking everyone their opinion. They are libel to give it to you and if they do not have a professional eye, they can confuse you and clutter your thoughts. Countless times we have seen beautiful room settings re-drawn because a trusted family member, thought it didn't look right.
  • Go with your first instinct. it is usually right. You can over think it. If it strikes you, then go with it. There are literally a million options with none being right or wrong. Most often you'll keep going back to the one that struck you first.
  • When you receive your new pieces, relax and enjoy. Be ready for the "shock". Don't over analyze and give the new look time to settle in. Things do grow on you. So before you yell at your salesman or designer, give it some time.

    At the end of the day, it's your life and it's your home. Whatever your personality, style or taste, your furniture is yours to enjoy when the world isn't watching. It's for just you and you alone. So enjoy your furniture and build your dream, not somebody else's. Whatever your furniture may say about you, talk is cheap.

    The best to you and your furniture,