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An Alternative to Selling High-End Furniture on Caigs List

Posted by Jay Frucci on Wed, May 12, 2010 @ 12: 53 PM

Though it is true that there are many Craigs List-selling-success-stories, it's important to remember that the Craigs List business model lends itself to every scheme imaginable.  On very rare occasions, those schemes can turn into unimaginable tragedies.

It's important to remember that Craigs List is a completely unregulated market.  While you could easily have a seamless, painless, and fair transaction selling your items on Craigs List, there is a chance you won't. The real problem lies in the transactions that don't go so well. As a result, experts are advising potential sellers to take precautions by taking their items to public places where there are many watchful eyes. 

On last Friday's Good Morning America show on ABC, there was a segment highlighting the best ways to handle a Craigs List transaction. One of the suggestions was to meet in a coffee shop or a busy parking lot.

Furniture is different. It is large and hard to move (a dining or bedroom set is not the easiest thing to whip out of your SUV and set-up in a Best Buy parking lot for evaluation). This means that people usually need to look at your furniture in your home.  Though we all try to assume the best in people, you never know an individual's true intentions.  So take precautions to protect your home address and to qualify the character and seriousness of your buyer.

If this latest round of issues teaches us anything, it is that predators can be anywhere, and that there is tremendous value in privacy and confidentiality when selling your items.  If your furniture could be considered upscale, a predator could logically assume that the rest of your possessions are also upscale. While this risk may be relatively small, it is smart to consider all the options.

One option is a trustworthy, local, consignment store to sell your high-end furniture or home furnishings.  With this option, your identity is protected and your confidentiality preserved.  An upscale consignment service should also have the ability to pick-up items from your home to save you the aggravation of transportation. 

It is possible to net equal or even greater profit through a private sale than through consignment. But, if you net a little less and are able to market your furniture anonymously without the aggravation and risks of selling and moving your furniture; it may be well worth it in the end.

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