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Thoughts on ABC's "Made in America"

Posted by Jay Frucci on Mon, March 07, 2011 @ 08: 19 PM

ABC Made in America    ABC World News offered a fascinating look at the problems of globalization last week when it challenged a Dallas family to furnish their home with items made only in America. During the show, a moving crew hauled out everything in the home that was made abroad, including the beds, the couch, the chairs, the lamps, the rugs, the refrigerator, the stove, the silverware, and the children's toys and games. In a dramatic re-do, the house was stripped of virtually everything. All that was left on the living room floor was a tiny vase with a flower in it.


We wanted to offer a few thoughts on the subject, which is stirring controversy already.

  First, you should know that just because these sofas, coffee tables and bedroom sets were foreign-made does not mean that they are bad products.  In fact, there are many skilled craftsmen making fine furniture in other countries. Imported products are sometimes less expensive because manufacturers' costs for labor and materials are cheaper than those of their competitors in the U.S. Other times, imported products are down right skimpy. There are, however, plenty of examples of well-designed and high-quality products made in Europe, South America and Asia. 

  For those who prefer to buy American, there are substantial benefits. For one, American-made furniture typically has a greater resale value. We accepted on consignment a Hitchcock dining room set this week that will command a price only slightly less than the owner paid ten years ago. Our inventory also boasts a Harden Goddard Library Cabinet, an exquisitely designed piece of furniture prized by those who appreciate quality craftsmanship.  Also in our showroom is a Vaughn bedroom set which is 99% manufactured in America. Vaughn and Harden were both featured in the ABC special. Our years of experience tell us that American-made furniture is highly valued on the resale market.

  Still, as pragmatic -- and increasingly budget-conscious -- consumers, we can't ignore the reality of the price tag. American-made products are expensive! Harden and Hitchcock make high-quality furniture, but they are no bargain. Viking kitchen appliances are a stunning addition to any kitchen, but they are also among the priciest on the market. Who can afford to buy items made in America? As patriots, we all wish we could buy many of the products featured on the special report by ABC World News, but we do have to watch our wallets.  Can Americans afford to buy American?

    We have a solution! What could be more American than buying from and selling to your neighbor? Regardless of the country of origin, when you buy on consignment, you support your neighbor. You put money back in your neighbor's wallet when you buy his or her much-beloved furniture. And that simple act of economy keeps our hard-earned dollars right here in America. When you buy at Furniture Consignment Gallery, you get an excellent product for a great price, especially if the furniture is made in America.

   We applaud ABC World News for a series that highlights the challenges and benefits of buying American. But we do have a couple of questions for the producers. Just about everything owned by the family featured in the show was whisked away by a moving van. Was it all destined for a dump in Dallas? Did you donate everything to a local charity? Or did you return every item to its country of origin?  ABC didn't say where the van was headed, but we have a suggestion. Why not consider consignment -- at Furniture Consignment Gallery? Now, that's American ingenuity at work. Give us a call!