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Furniture That Runs for Two Hundred Thousand Miles

Posted by Jay Frucci on Sat, November 12, 2011 @ 12: 06 PM

Only a few nights ago, I threw a full-blown tantrum – and I actually think it was justified. Just hear me out. It was 65° -- in the middle of November! -- and I was about to indulge in a guilty pleasure. Our little ones were sleeping and my wife was absorbed in a good book. I slipped off to the kitchen to raid the freezer for my favorite treat. Digging the scoop into the ice cream, I was anticipating the thrill of one last taste of frozen summer when suddenly -- “snap!” I peered into the container in disbelief. My scoop had broken in two. And, yes, I will admit it now. I acted like a two-year-old. What kind of fool would make a utensil so fragile?

A broken scoop wouldn’t derail me under normal circumstances, but I’ve had a bad week with tools and appliances. My new rake fell apart after confronting a small pile of wet leaves. Worse yet, we had to shell out hundreds of dollars to replace our washer and dryer after only four years of service. And those weren’t a happy four years, either.

Ever since we bought those appliances, we’ve had an intimate relationship with the repairman. We had so many breakdowns that first year, we knew his number by heart. By the second year, we were exchanging Christmas cards. After three years, he had his own coffee mug in our cabinet. (Attention, GE: you should be paying attention to this saga.) Much as we loved the guy, we finally threw in the towel last week and ordered a new washer and drier. We’ve been married fifteen years; this is our third set.

I’m frustrated – and I’m wondering how my mother managed to raise three boys with a washer and dryer that, like her, didn’t enjoy a day off for more than two decades. When she downsized to a smaller home, she was bereft to leave them. She knew the trusty duo would be humming away at the laundry for years to come!

As I puttered around my kitchen this morning, the hinges were squeaking on my four-year-old refrigerator. Meanwhile, on the television, a big furniture store was offering customers zero-interest financing for up to four years. I had to wonder how much of the furniture purchased under this program would still be useful when the customer finally paid off the loan. Would the springs be sprung in that sofa by the time the final bill got paid?

We live in a disposable society. Appliances are built with parts that fail after a couple of years of use. Rakes can’t handle a few wet leaves. Even a simple scoop snaps in half when it meets the challenge of frozen ice cream. The solution is obvious. Treasure the well-made products of those few manufacturers who understand the importance of reliable service. Come visit us at Furniture Consignment Gallery. Our showrooms in Hanover and Chestnut Hill are filled with furniture that’s stylish, classic – and built to last.