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Furnish Your Holiday Party with Me

Posted by Jay Frucci on Thu, December 15, 2011 @ 07: 44 PM
 1I'm a great party guest. So when you look down at your Holiday party guest list, think of me and send me an invite! I love all kinds of food and have no problem breaking the ice on a dish in the same way that a ski enthusiast wants to be the first to tackle fresh powder. I drink just enough to laugh a little louder, but won't be the one on the ground demonstrating the proper planking technique for your next visit to the gym (saw this with my own eyes). I enjoy peoples' good company and will chuckle at any attempt at humor. I can even hang in there for a good longuimg 2978 while with the guy who has been holstering a year's worth of conversation. I most appreciate a good life-line after thirty minutes of incessant head nodding. The best part about me is that I won't judge your home. Certainly not the way that you do. But I know you are going to judge your home and that's why you want me there. 

You need me there because it's crunch time. This weekend marks the first round of Holiday parties and for the next fourteen days the pressure is on. The time that, as a host, you want your home to look its uimg 3782very best. You want your guests to relax, to feel at home and to have a well deserved night of enjoyment on you.

These moments come at a great expense to, you, the host. Small transactions for cheese plates, holiday napkins, toothpicks and bags of ice, add up quickly. You know ahead of time that the money melts into a puddle with the arrival of the next credit card billing statement. What lasts are the memories, the camaraderie that is gained and the relationships that are mended and solidified. What also perseveres are the more permanent investments that you make to your home to prepare for this grand event. The new lamps, decorative uimg 3791prints, a side table to hold hors d'oeuvres, a buffet server or a decorative accent piece that spruces up a lost corner; those carry on for years to come.

At FCG we plan for these moments. We think of you in your moment of desperate need and know what you need before you know you need it. We are here to be that calming influence that keeps your party in order, the invisible guest that balances the Yin and the Yang. We have exactly the right lamps, the perfect prints and inviting accent furniture for your main event. That is why you would invite me. My address is and my name is FCG.