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1950s Mahogany Partners Desk

uimg 3720This 1950s Mahogany Partners Desk is a beautiful  piece of furniture. Symmetrical on both sides in terms of drawers and cabinet doors, this desk is full functional from both sides. The desk measures 80" Wide X 46" deep and 31.5" High.  Priced at $3,499, this desk is a true gem in terms of its size and beauty. The leather top is in very good condition and overall the desk has lots of very nice characteristics. The feet are carved and there are a lot of nice hand carved moldings along the sides and edges of the desk.

Despite the gargantuan size of the desk, it is easily transported as it disassembles into three pieces. uimg 3721The top lifts off the pedestals and are separate. As a result, this desk can fit through small doorways and can go up stairs. In fact, this desk will be able to fit into places where smaller desks could not because of the way that it disassembles.

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