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Pomp and Circumstance? FCG Can Help

Posted by Jay Frucci on Sat, June 03, 2017 @ 07: 25 AM



Boston's affluent suburbs are always bustling with activity but nothing compares to the frenzy that erupts every June. After all, that's high season for parties, and all those mansions must be made perfect for the weddings, showers and graduations.

Arriving at a client's home in Wellesley last Tuesday, I felt like I was joining the sweaty swarm that labored on the Egyptian Pyramids. A flock of gardeners was raking last fall's brown leaves out of the shrubbery and trimming the trees. Painters were balancing on ladders slapping a fresh coat on the clapboards. Atop the roof, a lone chimney sweep was scrubbing the blackened brick into a bright red.

The foreman – oops, I mean homeowner – was in the kitchen overseeing an interior crew that was just as busy mopping, dusting and polishing.

"Saturday is the deadline," she said briskly, waving a hand at the family room. "I need all this furniture gone today. The new stuff is arriving tomorrow – just in time for the party."

Like any good boss, she knew how to crack the whip when necessary. And at FCG, we respect a deadline. Party prep can be stressful. Time is of the essence. So we got to work quickly and efficiently. In short order, the room was emptied.

Surveying the scene, she softened a bit. "My daughter worked so hard for her degree," she confided. "She's done and we're done, too, with all those tuition payments. I'm proud of her and us and I want this graduation party to be absolutely perfect."

At FCG, we understand the importance of celebrating life's big events with style. We're happy to be part of the crew preparing your home for the big party. Congratulations to this spring's crop of graduates – and to the parents who made it possible.