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Welcome Back, Snowbirds Now, Start Shopping!

Posted by Jay Frucci on Sat, May 20, 2017 @ 08: 04 AM



A Cadillac Eldorado with Florida license plates cruised into our parking lot and came to a gentle stop. Out popped a white-haired woman who bustled eagerly into the store. Meanwhile, her chauffer – oops, husband – flipped down the sun visor and cranked up the AC.

Shopping? Clearly, it's not his thing.

His wife, though, tore through the store like a greyhound chasing the electric rabbit. She bounced on a sofa, patting the fabric appreciatively. Next, she bounded up the stairs to take in the view of all our bedroom sets. She tugged open drawers and smoothed the bedcovers. Then, the dining room sets beckoned ...

One of the most reliable signs of spring at our stores is a parking lot full of cars with license plates from the Sunshine State. Many have been seasonal customers for years. On their way to their summer homes on the Cape or the lakes of northern New England, they're making a pilgrimage to pick up some bargains before the start of summer entertaining.

Welcome back, snowbirds! We've missed you, and apparently, you've missed us.

"There isn't a store like yours anywhere south of the Mason-Dixon Line!" the woman said breathlessly, as she heaved two nautical pillows on the checkout counter. "Our Cape house needs a bit of refreshing before the summer visitors arrive."

Alas, our joyous reunion was cut short.

"Muriel!" her husband bellowed impatiently at the front door. "Time's a-wastin'! Those fish aren't going to hook themselves!"

And in a flash they were gone, after tossing the pillows into the back seat.

You'll see flocks of snowbirds in our stores in the next few weeks. They're tanned, rested and ready for summer fun. They're a welcome sight at FCG after a long winter.