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Second Markdown Hits in Natick. Come Shop Today!

Posted by Jay Frucci on Sat, September 17, 2016 @ 09: 50 AM



Brian, our merchandising master, was working his usual magic in the showroom in Hanover. In a bare corner, he placed a gorgeous restored mahogany china cabinet made in the 1940s. Then, he hung a French country mirror on the wall. Next, he pulled in a transitional sofa and added some industrial-style lighting. The result: creative, eclectic and superbly stylish.

"Inspiring!" exclaimed a customer who'd witnessed his work. "I'm so tired of matchy-matchy furniture. I'd love a look like that in my home. Can you help me?"

Yes, we can. At FCG, we embrace the new freedom that's emerging in interior design. Gone is the old rulebook that demanded conformity to style or period. Now, you can play with color, texture and style. In fact, a home that layers a variety of different pieces artfully is far more dynamic and interesting that one that slavishly follows a rigid scheme.

Thanks to our gifted merchandisers, every one of our three showrooms looks like a decorator's paradise. In Natick, you might find a pair of Giancarlo Piretti black leather chairs from the 1970s paired with a warm burled wood coffee table. In Plymouth, you may see a cozy antique chaise with a glass and steel side table.

In Hanover, Brian has deftly paired rustic with modern, contemporary with modern, and European with classic American. Brian's rulebook has only one rule: Love every piece of furniture in your home.

Your home tells a story about your life, your heritage, your family – and about the extraordinary things you've found along your journey. Come visit our stores and get some ideas on how you can tell your story thoughtfully and artistically.

Yes, you can find all the items in our showrooms on our website. But I promise you that our furniture displays will really fire your imagination. And should you need help, the decorating geniuses in our stores are always full of great ideas.