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Call of the Open Road – with a Coolatta to Go

Posted by Jay Frucci on Sat, October 29, 2016 @ 08: 14 AM



My oldest son passed the driver's test last week. Giddy with his newfound freedom, he's been jumping at any excuse to get behind the wheel of the family car. Pizza pick-up? No problem. Need milk? He's on it. He's like a puppy who leaped a fence into an open field and he's going to run around in circles until he keels over from exhaustion.  

A frenzy like that requires high-octane fuel. Especially for a high-school kid who's 6'2" and 235 pounds and still growing. On Day 2 of automotive mania, he discovered all the neighborhood mini-marts and fast-food joints. Result: he's been gorging on sugar and caffeine all week.

A driver's license is the first of many intoxicating freedoms for our son. Soon, there will be college, then a first apartment, then a job and a paycheck. Along the way, he'll encounter lots of choices and he'll be responsible for some pretty big decisions.

Managing those transitions can be challenging for a kid. That's why Diana and I had to step in and help our son cool his jets a bit. So we sat down and had a talk with him about curbing the spending and the calorie intake.

New ventures and new directions can be thrilling – but also overwhelming. At FCG, we know that. High-end consignment service is our business. But, more importantly, we make it our mission to help you, our customers, with your life transitions.

Are you moving into a new home? Furnishing your child's first apartment? Downsizing? Don't pull out your credit card at some furniture mega-store to buy overpriced particleboard – or give all your furniture away to some grasping ne'er-do-well relative.

Cool your jets. Come to Furniture Consignment Gallery. We understand transitions and we'll help you make better choices.