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Got In-laws Coming? Get help at FCG

Posted by Jay Frucci on Sat, November 12, 2016 @ 08: 27 AM


"I need your help," she said, wearily.

Her story tumbled out in a rush. Her husband, a corporate executive, was transferred to Boston. In a few frenzied weeks, she sold their home in Chicago, bought a new one in Wellesley, enrolled the children in school, signed them up for sports and joined the PTA.

She was jubilant – but exhausted – at having managed a successful move.

Then, the in-laws called.

Boston for Thanksgiving, they exclaimed what a wonderful idea! Pilgrims, cranberry bogs, tricorn hats! They invited themselves for a week.

She plunged into an instant panic. The furniture from their home in Chicago hadn't fit the new home in Wellesley. She didn't have a dining-room set – or even a furnished guest room. And ordering new furniture from a store wasn't an option: she'd have to wait six to twelve weeks for delivery.

Hearing the story, a kindly neighbor sent her to FCG. And we whipped into action. First item of business: a dining room set. Formal mahogany? Distressed country chic? We had it all in our showroom.

She was nothing if not decisive. In short order, she found the perfect set: a formal banded mahogany table with two leaves that would seat as many as ten, comfortably. The set had matching chairs in perfect condition.

Instant Thanksgiving! Pass the potatoes, Grandma! (Tipsy uncles and wacky cousins not included.)

Then, we got to work on the guest room. First, a queen-size bed with headboard, two bedside tables, a chest of drawers, and a new mattress.  Next, she discovered a cozy upholstered chair, a side table and a floor lamp for the room's small sitting area.

Last items of business: the bill and delivery. That's when she really got emotional. "It's everything I wanted at a fraction of the price I would have paid for new," she said. And, best of all, FCG agreed to deliver next week. That leaves her plenty of time to make the pie.

So if you're facing an unexpected onslaught of friends or family, don't despair. FCG has your back. Stop by one of our three showrooms to see our amazing selection of furniture. Sorry, we can't provide the Pilgrims.