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Store Wars: FCG's Annual Christmas Tree Contest

Posted by Jay Frucci on Sat, December 10, 2016 @ 08: 16 AM



Snowflakes as big as parasols in Plymouth? A convoy of tiny toy trucks – hand-painted with the company logo – winding their way through a forest of miniature furniture ornaments in Natick? A lavishly beribboned blue-and-white tree in Hanover?

'Tis the season for competitive holiday decorating. Once again, our three stores are battling fiercely for the title of Best Decorated Christmas Tree at FCG. Who determines the winner? You, our customers. Your votes determine which tree is the most spectacular of all.

What's at stake? Staffers at the winning store get a catered holiday lunch, compliments of the boss. Believe me, though, it isn't a plateful of holiday ham that's stirring up such a competitive frenzy. Far more important to our decorators is the honor of the title – those bragging rights last a full year – and knowing that they've dazzled you with their efforts.

Competitive tree decorating is a four-year tradition at FCG. Winners in earlier years chose creative themes that stole the show with over-the-top cleverness. Remember the Old Glory Tree, festooned in tiny American flags and red, white and blue ribbons? The Nautical Tree? The Gumdrop Tree?

Like all heated contests, this one has had some high jinks. One year, Plymouth's manager undertook an undercover mission to spy on Hanover. His twin brother is manager of that store, so the contest had an element of extreme sibling rivalry. The spy's defense? All's fair in love, war and competitive decorating.

You've got two weeks to cast your vote in person, by email or on our Facebook page. But I recommend you make it your mission to visit FCG before the deadline, Dec. 17. While you're there, you might just find something perfect to put under your tree. Our stores are jammed with gifts and accessories for every taste: stunning prints, elegant lamps, fun pillows, giant chessboards, rustic cutting boards, and all sorts of fun accessories.

And if we find you frozen in awe in front of our magnificent trees, don't worry. We'll shake you out of your trance and send you home in time for the holidays.

Cast your vote here!