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Living the Cozy Life: Advice from the Danes

Posted by Jay Frucci on Sat, December 31, 2016 @ 02: 13 PM


Lose ten pounds. Clean out the cellar. Start running. Abstain from cursing. Damn! Don't you just hate New Year's? After a joyful binge of revelry from Thanksgiving to Christmas, we slink into the new year lugging a sackful of boulders called "resolutions."

I have a better idea, thanks to the New York Times.

According to the Times, 2017's biggest trend may well be hygge. That's Danish for the 'blissful contentment of a warm and cozy home.' The Danes have long embraced hygge in its many forms: fuzzy socks, soft blankets, hot chocolate, pine-scented candles, sweet pastries and merry sing-a-longs.

Long a national secret held close to their hearts, the Danes are exporting the concept now, thanks to a couple of bestsellers extolling the virtues of hygge. (That's pronounced 'hoo-gah,' like some sort of chant by a sweaty platoon of Marines.) 

You need some help with hygge? Look no further than Furniture Consignment Gallery.

Start with a fresh new mattress! We have every option: tempurpedic, foldable, flip-able, split box, high box, low box, rock firm, pillow top. Our mattress experts in Plymouth and Natick will help you achieve your version of 'warm and cozy.'

Snuggling in front of the fire just isn't any fun on that old, stained couch. We've got plenty of sofas in stock. Stretch out on one in our stores and imagine spending the first big blizzard of the season wrapped there in a bunny-soft blanket.

Or, if you love your old sofa but hate the stains, recover it! Send us a photo to We'll give you an idea of how much it will cost. Then, stop by, select a fun fabric and make the old new again. 

Our showrooms are full of items that will help you create your own version of hygge in your home this winter: butter-soft leather chairs, charming lamps, captivating art. So forget all those well-meaning resolutions that aim to strip all the fun out of life. Don't be a Puritan! Be a Dane! Repeat after me: "Hoo-gah! Hoo-gah!"