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Mistakes Happen, FCG Can Help Fix It

Posted by Jay Frucci on Sat, January 28, 2017 @ 08: 19 AM


"I can't believe I bought it," she said miserably. "It just doesn't work in my house."

Impulsively, she'd bought a new rug for thousands of dollars from a big-name store only to find that it clashed in every way with the colors in her dining room. She asked for a refund; the store refused. Their compromise: trade in the rug for a credit towards another. But there wasn't anything else in the store that fit her home.

"I thought I was stuck with that rug," she sighed – until she wandered into our store, curious about the concept of consignment.   

At one time or another, all of us have experienced a decorating disaster. Maybe it was that massive sectional you bought to accommodate family movie night, but then you discovered it actually blocks the path to the kitchen. What! No snacks?

Maybe your interior designer ordered a custom upholstered chair to provide a punch of color but you both discovered it looks garish in the light of day. Maybe you chose an elegant glass coffee table that isn't big enough for the beer and chips on Super Bowl Sunday.

Mistakes happen – and they can be costly. But why live with regret? Furniture Consignment Gallery can help by selling your new or barely used items, putting money in your pocket to find the piece that actually will work in your come. The sectional that was too big for your home will fit someone else's perfectly.   

At Furniture Consignment Gallery, we bring buyers and sellers together. We help interior designers and homeowners fix their mistakes. And that means some great values for smart shoppers. We are New England's finest pre-owned furniture consignment company, and we've got three stores filled with exciting pieces. Drop by this weekend.