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On Time Arrival? Your Flight, No But FCG, Yes!

Posted by Jay Frucci on Sat, March 18, 2017 @ 08: 25 AM


Our customers and consignors know that we’re fussy about furniture at FCG. Only quality pieces are selected for our three showrooms. We’re choosy, not only about the style and age of the furniture, but also brand and condition.

What you might not know is that we’re just as fastidious about our pick-ups and deliveries. We treat your time, your home and your furniture with care and respect – and, if we do mess up, we promise to do our best to make it right.

New England’s weather often makes that a challenge. Case in point: last week’s blizzard.

When the first snow warnings were sounded, FCG reluctantly decided that all deliveries had to be scrapped on Tuesday. Once we’d made that decision, our team immediately jumped to the phones, alerting customers of changes to the schedule.

By Wednesday, though, our guys were back on the road. Arctic air and high winds? Not a problem for our crew. Armed with shovels, sand and a can-do spirit, they navigated icy roads and snow-clogged sidewalks to keep their promises to our customers.

FCG is fortunate. Our guys are pros. Once committed, they are ultra-reliable. Your furniture – and your time – are valuable. That’s why we promise to be at your home within a two-hour time window. This isn’t your typical cable company with its sloppy work and hollow promises. We’re the Marine Corps of movers.

Despite the lingering snow, spring is coming – and so are all those special events: weddings, graduations, showers, and reunions. FCG has the furniture you need to entertain family and friends. Shop with confidence. Your furniture will be delivered on time. You have our word on it.