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Furniture for the Flat Screen

Posted by Jay Frucci on Fri, October 29, 2010 @ 05: 06 PM

Man has laid down the law.  "I want to see my TV!"  For nearly 20 years, large cabinets were manufactured to hold, display and to HIDE the television.  Suddenly, we need to see the television because they are oh so cool. 

Plasma TV

When our buddies walk in the house and we want the wide screen to be the first thing that they see.  We are not ashamed of this in the least.

So why is it so darn difficult to find a piece of furnitrue to display our new best friend?  Most Television stands are not even pieces of furniture.   They are plastic, particleboard pieces of junk and yet so many people are buying these units because they serve a purpose.  Yet, never has their been such a great opportunity to use a wonderful piece of furniture to display your true love. 

         Mahogany Server      Walnut Server resized 600

An antique server, a unique dresser, a sofa table, a map chest, there are so many very cool options and your favorite consignment store is a great place to go to get the wheels turning. 

Stanley Server

You no longer need a million components so this is a golden opportunity to think outside of the box.  You can be different from your friends in that you can have your television while maintaining your appreciation for good quality craftsmanship in your home.

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