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Banish Your Decorating Demons

Posted by Jay Frucci on Tue, April 03, 2012 @ 01: 42 PM

confessional by arik levy 1After the last few days in the store, we've decided to build a confessional into our showroom. Here you can recite your Act of Contrition, and you'll be absolved of all of your furniture purchasing sins, mortal or venial.

     All week long, a long line of penitents funneled through our door and poured out their hearts to us. "What was I thinking?" cried one consignor, admitting she had blown her budget for a decade on a furniture shopping spree. "Never again," another winced, recalling how she bought an enormous mansion at the peak of the market and furnished it lavishly.

      We heard every variation of the seven deadly sins. One greedily wanted a house bigger than her sister's. Another lusted after a friend's inlaid mahogany desk until she found one even more exquisite - and pricier - in an antique shop.

Their stories were all slightly different, but they had one thing in common: they wanted absolution - and some money back, too.


     Haven't we all been there?


     I can recall attending a live auction several years ago. Consumed in the bidding process, I vaguely remember g-forces driving my paddle up in the air faster than I could think. The heat of the moment, the competition, the will to win! All three took command of my soul. And, suddenly, "Sold for $275! The hutch goes to the gentleman on the left." 

     When I was bidding, I was riding a motorcycle on a winding country road. When the auctioneer banged the gavel, I hit a brick wall.

     The large mahogany hutch looked like a bargain when it was $50. After other buyers got involved in the fray, its value seemed to soar. Once they announced the new proud owner was moi I started to sweat at my poor decision-making. I did some fast math: $275 plus the auctioneer's commission of 12%, plus sales tax 6.25%.bidding I had to move it within the next forty-eight hours and worse yet, where am I going to store it until I figure out what I can do with it?

    I raised my hand. "Excuse me, sir... I'd like to apologize to the folks that I outbid. You see, I really don't need this hutch. It's not the money. What I was thinking? Can I give it back? This guy over here bid $250. Maybe you could sell it to him. I'll cover the extra $25."

     I was looking for absolution and my money back. The room went silent. The man I outbid shrunk down in his seat. Clearly, he had gotten caught up in bidding, too. Now, he just wanted me to go far, far away.

     Yes, I have been there. Haven't we all at one time or another? Life goes on. We make mistakes. Forgive yourself and move onto the next great thing in your life. And when it comes to fixing those mistakes, come see our new confessional at Furniture Consignment Gallery. We promise to listen - with sympathy - and help you get some money back, too.

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Furniture for the Flat Screen

Posted by Jay Frucci on Fri, October 29, 2010 @ 05: 06 PM

Man has laid down the law.  "I want to see my TV!"  For nearly 20 years, large cabinets were manufactured to hold, display and to HIDE the television.  Suddenly, we need to see the television because they are oh so cool. 

Plasma TV

When our buddies walk in the house and we want the wide screen to be the first thing that they see.  We are not ashamed of this in the least.

So why is it so darn difficult to find a piece of furnitrue to display our new best friend?  Most Television stands are not even pieces of furniture.   They are plastic, particleboard pieces of junk and yet so many people are buying these units because they serve a purpose.  Yet, never has their been such a great opportunity to use a wonderful piece of furniture to display your true love. 

         Mahogany Server      Walnut Server resized 600

An antique server, a unique dresser, a sofa table, a map chest, there are so many very cool options and your favorite consignment store is a great place to go to get the wheels turning. 

Stanley Server

You no longer need a million components so this is a golden opportunity to think outside of the box.  You can be different from your friends in that you can have your television while maintaining your appreciation for good quality craftsmanship in your home.

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Modernize Your Furniture

Posted by Jay Frucci on Fri, March 19, 2010 @ 09: 17 PM


To most people, redecorating means one thing: New furniture. While this is often the case, there are times where you can have the best of both words: A new look on old furniture. Working with a family at their home in Milton, MA a few weeks ago, the homeowner showed me her son's room. She pointed out the 1950s solid maple twin beds that she would like to replace with something more current.

Instead of junking the beds, we discussed painting them black. A lacquer finish provides a protective coat and a modern look. By doing so, the beds would resemble beds from a Pottery Barn or Crate & Barrel. The new look would mean that the beds would last.

Black Painted Bed

By modernizing her furniture, she was sure to save a few greenbacks, keep her existing beds out of a landfill, and create a decor that she and her kids could live with.

Some of the best furniture that we sell has been re-purposed and modernized. The craftsmanship of old furniture is unparalleled; furniture that was built in days past was built to last.  By thinking outside the box, you can allow your furniture to endure. Here are a few things to look for when considering a modern look for your furniture:

  • The quality and construction.  Is it built from solid wood? Are the drawers dovetailed?  If yes, modernization is worth pursuing.
  • If the furniture looks well weathered or worn, it's O.K.  A little sanding, stripping, and refinishing will leave your furniture looking like new.  Believe it or not, refinishing costs are not based on how beaten the furniture is.
  • Polish the hardware.  Hardware can be unscrewed from drawers, and a little Cape Cod Polish (and elbow grease) can make a world of difference. Though it may seem minor, polished hardware does wonders for updating your furniture.
Black Painted resser

If you've been craving that catalog look to your home, you may be closer than you think.  A little creativity and ingenuity is all you need.

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