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5 Decorating Disasters

Posted by Jay Frucci on Fri, April 13, 2012 @ 10: 40 AM

So you tackled a redecorating project, but things went awry and you’re not exactly sure how it happened. Worse yet, you have no idea how to fix it. Here are five common decorating disasters and some tips on how to avoid them.

The Floral Fiasco: After agonizing over swatches for days, you finally found a chintz you liked for the chintz bedroom c1963sofa. So you decided to double down on that bet. You did the chairs, the ottoman, and the window treatments in the same fabric. Heck, you even bought another bolt to cover the bar stools and make a shower curtain. Yes, it is possible to have too much of a good thing – even if it is of good quality. I love tiger maple Eldred Wheeler, but a room full of it is boring and predictable. You might love the look of an all-white room in a design magazine, but err in the execution and your home will feel like an igloo. Good design is a skillful mix of patterns, color and texture.      

Photo: Bedroom 324 of the White House- "The room as the Chintz Bedroom, circa 1963  (Kennedy Library)"


The Skittles Color Scheme:

interior room paint colors

You wanted every room to have a unique personality, so you did each one in a different color. Now, your guests are looking for the pot of gold in your home because they think they’ve wandered into a rainbow. Pick a pleasing neutral that flows through your home, and you can still infuse your decorating scheme with spicy pops of color.

Photo of Color experiement Exhibit at Salone del Mobile in Milan by Porro





Scale Snafus: A small rug in a big room looks like abigbang postage stamp on a pool table. There’s no excuse for that kind of mistake even if you must show off your beautiful hardwood floors. Scale is a tough challenge for a decorating newbie, but it is absolutely crucial. Cramming oversized furniture into a small space just shrinks the room – and causes bruising when you try to navigate around it. On the other hand, a big room looks cold and uninviting with furniture that is too small or too dainty. Scale isn’t just about the furniture, either. Patterns in fabric also affect proportions. Misunderstanding scale is where many inexperienced homeowners run amok in their decorating projects.   



6a00e54ef1680988330120a5e25fee970b 600wiWelcome to the Museum: Turning the little-used guest bath into a luxurious spa is a lovely idea, but it shouldn’t be your first – or even second – project. Dedicate most of your decorating budget to the rooms you use every day. We often see homes that boast a state-of-the-art home theatre or palatial guest quarters, but the family actually lives day-to-day in a space that has shabby furniture, bare windows and poor lighting. Don’t spend all your decorating dollars on the rarely used specialty rooms just to impress once-a-year guests. You and your family deserve comfort and beauty every day.



Dim-Bulb Design: Lighting should be

6a00e54ee90d2488340120a928086e970b 450wi

layered in almost every room. That typically means a combination of recessed lights, lamps large and small, and perhaps sconces and chandeliers. Plan for a variety of lighting in your decorating budget. I also recommend dimmers to set the mood. Dull lighting can make your rooms look gloomy and washed-out. On the other hand, no one feels comfortable in a place so bright it feels like an operating room.





beovision 4 103 smallThe Black Monster: The television is a critical element in most family rooms, so you should take extra effort to make sure it is placed correctly. This can be a challenge. Putting a flat-screen above the fireplace could mean big chiropractor bills in the future. When the screen is set too high on the wall, you may get a crimp in your neck watching it. And you can’t always stick the television in a corner, either. When you invite folks over for beer and Bruins, you don’t want them executing a bizarre yoga twist just to catch a glimpse of the screen.  Finally, resist the temptation to buy the biggest flat-screen in the store. The television shouldn’t dominate the room.


Still, everyone makes mistakes. You shouldn’t punish yourself and force your family to live inside a cocoon of cabbage roses … if, say, you were the one who went overboard with the chintz. Call Furniture Consignment Gallery and we might just find another home for your mistake – and put some cash back in your pocket.

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Furniture for the Flat Screen

Posted by Jay Frucci on Fri, October 29, 2010 @ 05: 06 PM

Man has laid down the law.  "I want to see my TV!"  For nearly 20 years, large cabinets were manufactured to hold, display and to HIDE the television.  Suddenly, we need to see the television because they are oh so cool. 

Plasma TV

When our buddies walk in the house and we want the wide screen to be the first thing that they see.  We are not ashamed of this in the least.

So why is it so darn difficult to find a piece of furnitrue to display our new best friend?  Most Television stands are not even pieces of furniture.   They are plastic, particleboard pieces of junk and yet so many people are buying these units because they serve a purpose.  Yet, never has their been such a great opportunity to use a wonderful piece of furniture to display your true love. 

         Mahogany Server      Walnut Server resized 600

An antique server, a unique dresser, a sofa table, a map chest, there are so many very cool options and your favorite consignment store is a great place to go to get the wheels turning. 

Stanley Server

You no longer need a million components so this is a golden opportunity to think outside of the box.  You can be different from your friends in that you can have your television while maintaining your appreciation for good quality craftsmanship in your home.

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Can You Sell My Entertainment Armoire?

Posted by Jay Frucci on Sat, February 13, 2010 @ 01: 56 PM
The entertainment armoire. Once a cornerstone of every bedroom and living room, these pieces have suddenly found themselves out on the curb waiting for someone (anyone!) to come and take them away.

 Entertainment Center

It is perhaps the greatest tragedy of the furniture industry. Pieces of furniture that cost so much time, material and craftsmanship have devalued seemingly overnight. We have customers who have spent thousands of dollars on beautiful, giant armoires and now they want them gone. "Take it away!" they exclaim and when we say "Not so fast!" they plead, "Please! If you can't help me -- who can?"

When it comes to re-purposing furniture, creativity is the name of the game. Think of the following suggestions as a starting point:

  • Try to donate your television armoire to anybody willing and able to remove the piece from your home. However, be sure they have the knowledge and strength to move it correctly before subjecting your home to any damage. Then again, maybe you want it out of your house so badly that you'll live with a few dings, dents and scratches to be rid of it.
  • Re-purpose the armoire as storage in a walk-in closet. Run a rod across the interior so that you can store shirts on a hanger.
  • Put the armoire in your garage and use it as a place to store tools for your favorite hobby accessories. "It's too nice for that!" you might say. But heck, if you're begging me to take it away, you may as well use it for something!
  • If you are at your wits end, try to find a local craftsman to take the wood. If it was an inexpensive armoire, it is most likely particle board and your best option will probably involve a sledge hammer and a trip to your local transfer station. On the other hand, many armoires are built from solid cherry, maple, or mahogany boards. Some of them have some fantastic veneer work.  A local woodworker might be able to re-use some of the boards, such as the doors, top, and shelves.
  • If your armoire was made by an elite furniture manufacturer such as Henkle Harris, Baker, Kindle, or Hekman (to name a few) there should be some resale value and a buyer for your piece. conversely, the cherry cabinet armoires with folding doors are simply so plentiful that resale is not much of an option.

Once again, these thoughts are simply a starting point. Post your thoughts on what the possibilities may be for these once great pieces. If you have had success re-purposing your armoire or finding a taker -- thousands of folks would appreciate hearing your story.

The best to you and your furniture,



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