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Nothing beats the Beds of the 1920s

Posted by Jay Frucci on Fri, October 29, 2010 @ 05: 08 PM

Bed sizes have evolved quite a bit over the last few centuries. As homes have become larger, rooms have expanded and naturally bed sizes have followed suit.  It wouldn't be America if bigger wasn't better.  I upgraded to a King Bed myself.  Though we all desire more sleeping space and mattress surface area, nothing beats the beds that were made in the 1920s - 1940s. 

Mahogany Full Bed

These beds are solid as a rock and super sturdy. Most of them take a standard size full bed and you can even get an inexpensive converter kit that will extend the length and width of your bed so that it can accpet a Queen Mattress.  

Solid Mahogany Full BedSome great qualities of the beds built in this era are:

  • They were built of solid woods such as Solid mahogany or Rock Maple.
  • The decorative detail was often created by hand.
  • They are made to last and have almost outlived one generation and will likely outlive another.
  • They are very affordable as they sell for between $300 - $1,200 depending on condition and style.
Tiger Maple Full Bed
Beds from this era may not be the bed of choice for your master bedroom, but, I bet one of these beds would fit great in most any other room in your home. Perfect for a guest room or a growing child.  These beds add elegance, beauty and long lasting quality to any home.

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