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Tutorial: New "Inventory Email" Features

Posted by Jay Frucci on Thu, December 15, 2011 @ 07: 45 PM

Hey this is Christa, your friendly, FCG computer nerd and photographer!

We've had some great new features added to our website recently by our pricetagteam.We've been on the quest of making the site even more user friendly for all of our valued customers! You may have noticed the red price tags. not only are they snazzy to look at but right underneath that tag we now have the next drop down price and the date it will drop down. That brings me to our first tutorial!


calendarTUTORIAL: Email Reminders for Price Drops

This way you can have the computer automatically send you a friendly reminder that that wonderful piece you wanted has dropped to the next price (usually 10% off)! It's really easy to do this:


STEP 1: click the button circled in red below that says "Schedule a price drop reminder"

Reminder part1STEP 2. Type in Your name (this helps keep your important reminder out of that automated spam folder)

STEP 3. Type in the email address you would like to recieve the price update to (make sure it's something you check often so you don't miss out on a great item!)

STEP 4. Click the "Set Reminder" button

Reminder part2

STEP:5 Click "OK" to confirm the email subscription to the item

Reminder part3

STEP: 6 You should see this screen saying you'll recieve an update the day before the price drop and then you can just click the "Close Window" to continue shopping your heart out.

Reminder part4


TUTORIAL: Email an Item to Yourself or a Friend

The other new feature that you may have noticed in your browsing on our describe the imagesite is the "Email a Friend" button. This little gem will help you email a piece you think would be perfect for that friend or relative without having to copy, paste and send the link from your own email.


STEP 1: Click the Purple button that says "CLICK to email This Piece To a Friend"


Email Part1

STEP 2: Type your name (so the recipent knows who sent this awesome piece of furniture gold to them and can thank you later for your brillance)

STEP 3: Type the recepient's email

STEP 4: Write a short message it you'd like about why this is right up their alley or leave it blank, whatever you'd like

Email part2

STEP 6:Click "OK" to send the message on it's way

Email Part3

STEP: 7 Revel in your greatness of finding that perfect thing for him/her and click "Close Window" to return to your shopping bliss.

Email Part4

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Can You Sell My Entertainment Armoire?

Posted by Jay Frucci on Sat, February 13, 2010 @ 01: 56 PM
The entertainment armoire. Once a cornerstone of every bedroom and living room, these pieces have suddenly found themselves out on the curb waiting for someone (anyone!) to come and take them away.

 Entertainment Center

It is perhaps the greatest tragedy of the furniture industry. Pieces of furniture that cost so much time, material and craftsmanship have devalued seemingly overnight. We have customers who have spent thousands of dollars on beautiful, giant armoires and now they want them gone. "Take it away!" they exclaim and when we say "Not so fast!" they plead, "Please! If you can't help me -- who can?"

When it comes to re-purposing furniture, creativity is the name of the game. Think of the following suggestions as a starting point:

  • Try to donate your television armoire to anybody willing and able to remove the piece from your home. However, be sure they have the knowledge and strength to move it correctly before subjecting your home to any damage. Then again, maybe you want it out of your house so badly that you'll live with a few dings, dents and scratches to be rid of it.
  • Re-purpose the armoire as storage in a walk-in closet. Run a rod across the interior so that you can store shirts on a hanger.
  • Put the armoire in your garage and use it as a place to store tools for your favorite hobby accessories. "It's too nice for that!" you might say. But heck, if you're begging me to take it away, you may as well use it for something!
  • If you are at your wits end, try to find a local craftsman to take the wood. If it was an inexpensive armoire, it is most likely particle board and your best option will probably involve a sledge hammer and a trip to your local transfer station. On the other hand, many armoires are built from solid cherry, maple, or mahogany boards. Some of them have some fantastic veneer work.  A local woodworker might be able to re-use some of the boards, such as the doors, top, and shelves.
  • If your armoire was made by an elite furniture manufacturer such as Henkle Harris, Baker, Kindle, or Hekman (to name a few) there should be some resale value and a buyer for your piece. conversely, the cherry cabinet armoires with folding doors are simply so plentiful that resale is not much of an option.

Once again, these thoughts are simply a starting point. Post your thoughts on what the possibilities may be for these once great pieces. If you have had success re-purposing your armoire or finding a taker -- thousands of folks would appreciate hearing your story.

The best to you and your furniture,



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